A view from the bridge – Marcos letter to his wife Essay

It’s twelve mid and I’m sitting by the window watching the bright stars staring into my eyes. One of them just moved. Let me make a wish. I wish I can be with my family now. I can’t live without the kids racketing up and down. How’s Lancy’s chest doing? Is she fighting with pains? I pray day and night for her health. What about Steven and Michael are they alright? I’m looking forward to seeing you all.

The ocean was rough, but you know me and Rodolpho can overcome the blue, wavy seas. I found it quite peaceful, watching the waves sliding along.A man gave us a lift during the journey to my cousin’s house; he was a kind helpful man.

America is many thousands of miles away from Italy but my heart is less than a pin away from you all. I would never want to leave you alone with the children but if we want to raise this family and save a future for our children, Maria, so please bare the pain with me, we must live apart for a few years.America, the mirror of freedom! When I first stepped in, my feet flew off the ground; I was bursting out with excitement. My cousin Beatrice, her husband Eddie invited us pleasantly and comfortably, they seem to be a very kind family. They also have niece, who they treat as their own daughter and her name is Catherine, she is very beautiful and intelligent. They assumed that we can stay with them until we settle down.

We got a job the day after we arrived in America.I work on the piers, and if I owe them good money they’ll give plenty of work Eddie says. I know your questioning about money, don’t worry ill try my best to post enough cash; maybe $90. I’m sure Rodolpho would lend a hand. Rodolpho, he’s doing well here, dreaming about his motorcycle.

He’s extremely popular here with the other men, his hilarious jokes and with his wonderful talents everyone finds him friendly. You know how he is. Don’t you?Ah! Rodolpho. Life joking man falls in love! It sounds like a witty joke to you but they have a good going relationship with Catherine, a beautiful, kind-hearted lady. My cousin seems glad about it as well, Rodolpho found a warm space inside everyone here. Especially Catherine. But Eddie looks as if he has an irritating annoyance to them loving each other, I guess.

Last night was one time where the tension in the house burst, there was a stressing alarm surrounding the walls. Eddie was angering me.Eddie was trying to point out that Rodolpho wasn’t a real man and suggesting that Rodolpho was gay. I can plainly see Eddie’s numbness heading to Rodolpho.

He was saying that Rodolpho cooks, makes dresses and sings, so the dock is no place for him. This angered me but I hid my anger! He then pretended to teach Rodolpho how to fight when he purposely punched him lightly. But I would not stand someone mocking my brother, so I showed my strength to Eddie by lifting up a chair above my head with one hand to save my brothers face and our family’s honour. I think that he got the message and from now on, he will think twice before he touches Rodolpho.

Otherwise, everything over here is going well. Maria, only if you were over here, you would see all the lights sparkle in the night and most importantly we could be together. Hopefully, after I become a citizen after a few years, I can bring you and our whole family here to live forever.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you soon.Yours truly Marco(I love you all)Dear Maria Letter 2Maria, this is my second but unfortunately also my final letter to you. I’m remorseful to reply to your letter this way, but I can’t send you any more money Maria. Please don’t ask me anything or examine your mind about anything. Forlornly in a little while I am wishing to be at home, I’m praying from heart that all of you would be there to welcome me. America didn’t like me.

The law here strained me. All the law is not in a book, they think they can free people who steal lives and make a pocket from other people’s food. I don’t think that’s fair. Where is the law, in a book?As I have mentioned before long about Eddie being agitated many times when Rodolpho and Catherine seem to come together just a little closer. In next to no time an outlandish relationship between Catherine and Eddie started to set off unsmiling problems.

Everything happened that night, when Eddie arrived home disgustedly drunk and raised his tone to Rodolpho, ordering him to get out of the house. I’ve got a strong feeling that something very awful happened because everyone was wordless after that night. I chose to not say much, you know your husband hides himself under his still and unspoken reputation.

Luckily Beatrice convinced Eddie to rent a room for us upstairs, she was open-minded because we couldn’t live there, when Eddie was constantly hunting for poor Rodolpho.Maria never forget that you’re the only reliability for me to live in this world. My dreams are broken by useless people.

The immigration people arrested us Maria. Don’t panic, were both alright. But that night was a nightmare for me, at that moment my eyes whizzed through your faces.

I am so heated at Eddie Maria; it’s clear in my mind that he was the one who informed. His two faced was giving away all the evil things he done. Poor Beatrice she wakened me, she knew it was her husband, and I realized by his reactions, trying not to show the truth.The penny dropped from my head as the truth came out.

Eddie betrayed me an my brother, he broke my honour, my manliness, my cultural beliefs. Maria, I spat on his sickened face, trust me he deserves it, he deserves more than what I did. Don’t you worry about me sweetie. In Italy that man would be dead by now, I want to obtain my justice; he should be killed for me to live my honour.As I write this letter to you, Rodolpho and Catherine are preparing to build up a new family for the Buggati family.

They’re getting married! That’s first good news in time. Extra news is that Rodolpho is becoming an American citizen; being Catherine’s wife he would survive happily in America. Excluding me, I have to return back to Italy. Except, I cannot show myself, while Eddie is breathing. I’m planning to make for Eddie when I set off the bail, he needs to apologise me for his dishonourable manner. I can’t exit this country without straightening out my back. The law here is appalling me; they don’t have a sense of the code of honour.

That foolish man would be killed by doing such a thing. Sorry Maria I’m hum-drumming you a lot but I’m so stressed and worn-out.At long last I’m out on bail, having promised my lawyer that I will self control myself, and not touch Eddie. Right now I’m off to the church to prayMy expectations are wiped out, I had living full dreams for us but they ended sharply.

Pray for me truly, that’s all to do. Tell Lancy, Steven and Michael to pray for me as well. I love all of you. I’m wishing to see you all in a short time. Kiss the kids for me.


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