A world without fear Essay

What is reality are we are real or is this crazy dream or an artificial world in our mind.

As the real world is destroyed so it is like rose coloured glasses to the mind.Sometimes you have to break out of the box and challenge what is real and what is not then face the consequences good, bad or the unknownThat’s very interesting Cassandra box a little over the top don’t you think squeaked Miss MatchBut miss how do we know the world is not like that may be this world is not real how would we know till we see for our selves protested Cassandra. Cassandra was a typical grade a student. She was smart maybe even to smart who believed there was more to this world that went unseen.Then the half three bell went and Cassandra or Cassi to her friends if she had any. Left her English lesson, which was the last thing on a Friday.

To return to her grandma’s where she will be staying for the six weeks holiday. She let out a great sigh six weeks with German Soap operas and liver and onion meals and bingo nights. She hated it here but she had no choice as her parents were on holiday abroad on a cruise. She wished on her over the old field something would happen that would change everything for the better or worse and things would never be the same again.She didn’t know the old expression “Be careful what you wish for it might just come true”. Maybe if she had she might have kept her big mouth shut for once in her life. As her wish was about to come true and things were about to take a turn for the worse.

Cassi woke up on another dismal Saturday morning. When she opened her eyes for another boring day only to see a laboratory of some kind full of people on beds with strange things on their heads. She blinked in surprise only to find she had returned to her room “What?” she whispered still in shock by what she had just witnessed. Then with a sudden rush Cassi flew out of her room almost knocking Tiddles her pet cat out the window in the rush to get out of their. Screaming from the top of her voice “Grandma! Grandma! You wont believe it I was in my room and then I wasn’t and I am now back again”. Cassis Grandma said sleepily “calm down Cassi you were probably dreaming you silly child.

I’ll go make breakfast”.After that Cassi thought nothing of about it until the Tuesday when another weird thing happened. She was walking to her Grans over the old field when she saw a new road their Cassi hadn’t seen any workers their the word creepy kept going through her mind. Then out of no were a car came screaming towards her she heard the breaks screeching as she prepared herself by curled herself into a ball and closed her eyes waiting for the crash of skin and metal the fatal blow.

After a minute or two she opened her eyes only to find that the road and car had disappeared in to thin air and she was stood on grass. She was so scared she ran as fast as she could to her Grans past Tiddles and hid under her covers till the next day.When she finally plucked up the courage to emerge from her big, old patchwork covers pale and still shaking from shock at midnight to get a glass of water then falling in to a troubled sleep. Until the next day when she seemed to be in her own little world as if to block out the experience of yesterday.

“What’s the matter Cassi?” asked her concerned Grandmother. “Nothing grandma I am absolutely fine” whisper Cassi in a weak voice pathetically trying to make it sound genuine. “Now Cassi don’t lie to me I am your Grandma I am only trying to help” persisted her Grandma. “I’m scared all these weird things keep happening to me I don’t know what to do,” sobbed Cassi. “Its all right you go have a lie down you will feel better when you wake up” comforted her Grandma.

As Cassi was going up stairs she saw Tiddles the cat acting in very strange way then collapsing. “Tiddles, Tiddles” screamed Cassi as she ran to his aid terrified anything would happen to her only friend only to find Tiddles was a robot. Then suddenly Cassi was plunged into darkness as she fell for what seemed like forever in the darkness.”‘Ere are you all right lass you had a cracking fall, were are my manner Mortimer Truman or Morty to my Friends if I had any” Greeted Morty. “Cassandra or Cassi here where am I? How did I get here?” Quizzed Cassi still slightly dazed. “Your in the real world not that poxy one you ‘as been, you see it is all make believe by the aliens the Blobbies as I call em ‘ere why don’t I show you them then”.

“Okay” agreed still think this Morty person was off his trolley if she could keep him talking she could send him away to the men in white suits. “Watch it” whispered Morty as these big fat green blobs appeared as she got dragged out the window good thing it was the first floor what she saw horrified her so much Cassi passed out.”‘Ere you don’t half pass out a lot don’t you well since your ‘ere I could use your help ‘as no one else will my plan is we blow up the Blobbies with a nuclear bomb and set everyone free” said Morty who was very pleased with him self. “What do I have do” Cassi exclaimed eagerly “Well you distract the guards and I’ll plant the bomb then we go to the special capsule which will takes us to were they keep the people we switch of the machine” whispered Morty.

They agreed to go first thing tomorrow as long as Cassi didn’t faint, as the air was blood red from the left over gases from their machines.Cassi could hardly sleep as to day was the day they would stop the evil Blobbies form destroying and using mankind. They loaded up the capsule and went on full power with stealth on as they arrived at a cold metal building Cassis nerves were on over load. Waiting for the signal from Morty “3…2.


run Cassi run!” yelled Morty and Cassi ran like never before. Suddenly there was a load explosion Cassi shut her eyes in the capsule only to find a big whole and no Morty. Cassi cried like never before they had only know each other for a short time though it felt like years she had lost her one true friend.Cassi new she had to carry on the rest of the plan for Morty as she placed the metal device on her head and found herself right in front of a car.

A large cracking noise was heard as she was tossed like a rag doll helplessly in the air. She felt her life slipping away as a young girl came her way Cassi explained as quick as she could for what this girl had to do as Cassi was dieing Cassi took her last breath “Sometimes you have to break out of the box….”The girl Kim stood up she new what she had to do and any Blobbies who were still alive would pay dearly.


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