A Wrong Gender Perception Essay

Generally, ‘Perception’ refers to a mental organization; it is based on an accepted way of interpretation of something to which the person concerned has given some thought or could attach some past experience or could relate some emotions.

Our perception on a subject usually decides our approach towards it; also it has substantial influence over the decisions we take on any relevant matter. Perceptual Constancy can mold a definite tendency for the person’s interpretation. We come to know about a person’s perception only when he expresses an opinion or lets it be now through some other action.Whether openly expressed or not, a perception can lead a person towards a certain decision even without his being aware of it. Dry.

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Mutant Thacker, a social activist has highlighted a male perception that can easily play havoc in delivering Justice to the women, as follows: (Dry Mutant Thacker is the Editor, Mutant Stats Pravda; Secretary, Institute for Research and Documentation in Social Sciences (RIDS), Convener, National ART’ Forum; Coordinator Indian Public Academy, Locknut # 94155-34525 E-mail: [email protected] In) “l present a live case before u.It started with my putting forth a small statement – A Let General accused of molesting a Colonel’s wife is thrown out of Army. Ye aka ho rah hat? ” on the social networking site Backbone. To this there were different answers but the one that really stunned me was from a friend whose view was that- ” No man can molest a woman, and that too a married woman of force NEVER, without her willing consent”. He also says that – “l have always observed that this type of stupid behavior is common in love affairs.

” It is this statement by an otherwise learned and sober person that I want to present before you all for discussion and opinion making.To me the person who made the statement is not important, nor is my idea to criticize him or to dissect his background. To me what really matters is the fact that even today, in the 21st Century, there is a male perception that goes on to say that molestation of a woman (particularly a married woman) is not possible (without her consent). If slightly extended this statement comes to mean that molestation, rape and such other lurid and heinous crimes against women are simply not possible as long as the women are not a party to it. Frankly I not only completely disagree with this statement but also find it absolutely sickening.And also terrifying. Terrifying because it is this kind of male mind-set that is responsible for many heinous and dangerous crimes against women go completely unheard and unpunished. What this gentleman is saying might as well be the mental thought process of the Judge or the Magistrate who has been given the responsibility of delivering Justice.

And if the person has already made a presumption that there can’t be a crime of this nature against a woman (more so in the case of married women), then one can understand what kind of Justice is the woman going to get room the concerned court.We nave seen the dramatic version to these situations in the celebrated film “Domain” where “Tariku pee Tariku” could not give Justice to the raped woman till the very end. We also know of such widely discussed cases on rape like the Mature rape case and Binary Devil case where victim had to pass through such insulting times even in the law courts that it led to great revolt and resistance by the women activists from all over India.

But it seems that no change of law and regulations on Rape has been able to actually change the deep-rooted antipathy of his kind of people for whom women are nothing more than a plaything.If what these people say is true then what is the need of any law on Rape? Why have different sections on women abuse and molestation? I am not commenting at all on the case related with the Let Genera in the Army where he lost his Job due to the allegations made by a Colonel’s wife. Each case is different and must be treated so. I also don’t say that women don’t feign wrong abuse. In my husband Imitate Jig’s policing career, I have myself come across such cases where it was clear that the woman is making false accusations.I remember a case in Gaga police station in Geographer, when my husband was very new in the service and after a raid that he had conducted, the woman whom they had arrested with weapons had made written accusations of rape against 10-12 police officers, except luckily my husband. The matter got exposed within a day or two but it had given my husband a lot of mental harassment.

But then to sweepingly generalize such a statement is really too much. In my opinion it shows the poor mental outlook and extremely biased world view of many of the male folk.It also gives the reason why still Justice is being denied to one Alfa of the human population in such a large measure.

I as a social activist and a gender-rights activist not only strongly condemn such wrongly-placed mental outlook but also consider them extremely dangerous for the proper development and functioning of human society in a Just manner. I know that such a statement by an individual is not really important, what actually counts is the overall gender perception. And this statement somehow seems to represent the same distorted gender perception.

” Dry. Mutant Thacker’s concern is Justifiable.Perception, as a generalized, fixed idea, an prevent a logical analysis. The male perception referred to by her is a well-known and common one. I have also heard such views from men on many occasions. Once, a senior gentleman tried to illustrate his point of view using the example of needle and thread. The molestation and several other offenses against women generally involve use of force against their wishes, disregarding their human dignity. Being in a position to influence their minds or being capable of intimidating them in some way or other could make the woman’s willingness irrelevant.

Finding herself in a lonely pot or a helpless situation could make her position vulnerable. It may be true that some such unpleasant incidents happen because in the beginning the girl foolishly encourages men making passes at her. Such cases, like the one Dry Mutant Thacker has also mentioned, should not be generalized. The bottom line is that negative or positive, the gender perceptions should never be allowed to Jeopardize logical analysis of offenses.

– K S Buenaventura is the Associate Editor, Dynamic Youth online magazine d for Global Youth Development. He could be reached through E-mail: [email protected] Com


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