From past to the future, people are faced with various diseases. They tried to find cures and they have succeeded in some of them. One of the cures is healthy nutrition. As time passed, drugs were found and became more important than healthy diet. People notice that drugs have side effects and these side effects make people sick in time. Although some people still oppose it, people think that there is nothing like a healthy diet to prevent all diseases.

Healthy eating is not just feeding stomach or relieving the feeling of hunger. Healthy nutrition is to consume a balanced amount of all nutrients for developing and living a lifelong healthy life. Nutrients (carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins, minerals, water) gives energy make up the structure of our body and regulates our body systems. Most of diseases are occurred by the cause of one of their malfunctioning. In case of unbalanced nutrition, our body may feel food deficiency and it starts to wane. In contrast, when we take nutrients more than our need, our body converts nutrients into the fats, and fat accumulation occurs. Accumulation of fats causes various diseases such as obesity and cardiovascular diseases. For this reason, it is important to eat balanced diet as well as eating sufficient amount.

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There are people who think that healthy eating is important, as well as people who think that cure should be with pills and drugs. However drugs can just treat illnesses, so drugs are inadequate to prevent diseases. In contrast, healthy nutrition is not only be able to treat diseases, but also can prevent illnesses.

This make healthy nutrition advantageous.As a result, food is medicine. Insufficient and unbalanced nutrition is bad medicine and will make us sick. Sufficient and balanced diet is good medicine that can prevent, reverse and even cure diseases. Pills and drugs can treat diseases too, but when there is a natural treatment, why do we prefer chemical drugs?


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