Abe Lincoln Essay

Abraham Lincoln positive advancements during his presidency could be attributed to his childhood experiences. His beginnings as a poor farmer born in Kentucky to his rise in politics after moving to Illinois and later his Presidency, his story intrigues everyone who reads it. Abraham Lincoln presidency is the definition of an ideal American presidency.

He is America’s most cherished and beloved President and the greatest known American President in the world. Some presidents represent more than Just 4 years in history, but an era.Abraham Lincoln has come to define the expected American presidency. Born February 12, 1809 to parent’s Tom and Nancy, and his sister, Sarah, Abraham Lincoln grew up in rural Kentucky. His childhood education consisted of going to school in a one room school house for a total number of days that equaled less the one year (Pascal 3).

Being the son off farmer he had to stay home to help on the farm, and on those days his mother taught him and his sister to read and spell. At age seven his family moved from Kentucky to Indiana. His mom passed away two years later. He was only nine.For the next year his sister took over the responsibilities of mom, until his father remarried.

Lincoln stepson was Sarah Bush Johnston. She had three children of her own, and they moved in with the Lincoln. They all got along very well. In 1828 at nineteen years old Lincoln and his friend Allen Gentry built a flatboat and sailed down the Mississippi River the New Orleans to sell the Gentry’s produce (Pascal 10).

This was the first time northerner Abe saw the African slave markets, and was appalled that southerners thought it was morally appropriate to sell humans for personal gain.In 1830, old enough to live on his own, Lincoln moved to New Salem, Illinois where he worked in a store. While he lived in New Salem, he Joined the New Salem Debating Society. While he was in the Debating Society, Lincoln spoke strongly against slavery (Pascal 16). In 1832, at age twenty-three, Lincoln took his first major step into politics when he decided to run for Illinois state legislature.

During his campaign he Joined the state militia to fight in the Black Hawk war. Lincoln lost the election. He got a Job as postmaster and decided to run again in 1834.When voting occurred citizens of Illinois recalled the young man that had delivered their mail the past two years (Pascal 21), and Abe was elected as a representative. He moved to Vandal, the capital at the time.

John Todd Stuart, a friend of Lincoln, was a lawyer in Vandal. Lincoln, also wanting to become a lawyer, studied Stuart books from law school. In 1837 Lincoln went to work in Springfield with Stuart. Lincoln met Mary Todd in 1839 at a dance. Mary grew up educated, raised in a wealthy family, unlike Lincoln. However the two loved politics and books, and both were against slavery.

They married in 1842. The Lincoln had 4 children, but only one of them lived past their teen years. Their first son Robert died at age eighty-two, Eddie died at age four, Willie at age eleven, and Tad at age eighteen, only a few years after Lincoln was assassinated. Lincoln was elected to congress in 1846. He and his family moved to Washington D.

C. Lincoln wanted to pass a law to end slavery, Lincoln was an abolitionist. The law did not pass, and Lincoln was not reelected for a second term.

Lincoln went back to Springfield where nee Joined the 8th circuit court.The court revealed to small towns that were too small to have their own court. Lincoln decided to run for senate against Stephen A.

Douglas. Lincoln lost the election, and participated in the Great Debates, which made him famous. In 1860 the Republican Party wanted Lincoln to represent them as their presidential candidate. Lincoln won the Free states, but lost the slave states. He was elected president, but only for half the United States. The country was breaking apart. The southern states elected their own president, Jefferson Davis. The north was now referred to as the Union and the South the Confederacy.

Confederate troops bombed Fort Sumter, a union fort. The civil war had begun. July 21, 1861 the Battle of Bull Run was fought near Junction, Virginia. The Confederates won. In 1862, almost a year later the Second Battle of Bull Run was fought.

Again the Confederates won. On September 17, 1821 the Battle of Intimate was fought in Maryland. The Union won this battle.

On January 1, 1863 Lincoln passed the Emancipation Proclamation which freed slaves in the south, but it didn’t end slavery Just yet. On July 4, 1863 the Union had two major wins. The first was in Vicksburg, Mississippi, where Union troops captured Vicksburg.The second was in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. Lincoln delivered the Gettysburg address at the battle site, while sick.

The civil war was nearly over. In 1864 Lincoln was reelected president. Ion April 9, 1865 the south surrendered. Five days after the war ended the Lincoln went to see a play at Ford’s Theater.

A man named John Wilkes Booth snuck into the Lincoln both and shot the President. He was rushed out of the theater to a place where they try to save the presidents life. They were unsuccessful, and the president died in the early morning on April 15. A few months after the death ofLincoln, the 13th amendment was passed which ended slavery for good.


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