Abnormal Psychology Maladaptive Behavior Essay

Briefly describe each of the major theoretical positions in maladaptive behaviour. Which of the positions do you believe is the ‘right’ position. or is there a ‘right’ position? Biological Position: Suggests that all upsets physical or behavioural have biological causes. Causes may lie in heredity. familial accident. or bodily infection. or injury ( Sarason. 2005 ) Psychodynamic Perspective: Point of position that emphasizes ideas and emotions as the most of import clinchers of behaviour. Basic thoughts come from the work of Sigmund Freud ( Sarason. 2005 ) .

Behavioral Position: A theory of behaviour based on the thought that much of a person’s behaviour is learned instead than genetically based. Harmonizing to this position. behaviour is based on past experiences with the environment ( Sarason. 2005 ) . Cognitive Position: Point of position that considers behaviour to be the consequence of information processing and job resolution. Emphasis is on mental procedures of which the person is cognizant or can easy go cognizant ( Sarason. 2005 ) . Humanistic-existential Position: The thought that all persons are alone and should be free to do their ain picks about life waies.

Emphasizes the originative freedom and potency of the person ( Sarason. 2005 ) . Community Cultural Perspective: Point of view that much maladaptive behaviour consequences from hapless life conditions. favoritism. and so on. Emphasis is on preventative activities ( Sarason. 2005 ) . I personally believe each position is of import. I do non believe one could be better than the other. because the human organic structure in all its parts is so complex. whether it be your civilization. genetic sciences. your uniqueness. learned behavior etc… I merely believe it can be a combination of positions depending on the person at manus.

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