Acceptable attire

Acceptable attire: organization provides employees’ with scrubs that bear the company’s logo and nametag. No open shoes allowed at work. Hair coloring not allowed, since this is a health care environment careering for dementia residents.
Aligning career goals with those of the organization: there are unlimited growth opportunities within the organization. This can be realized by, not only working hard but also preferably by having, the knowledge needed in the career goal, which will add value to the company to achieve its goal.

Employee career planning and goal setting: for any organization to be successful, clear vision/goal must be set. My organization has laid out the framework of achieving its goal and giving employees opportunity to grow within the organization through the set vision. For instance, the organization gives moral support to employees who want to pursue different careers and promise them to be absorbed within the organization. By setting realistic achievable goals for success.
They require employees to be on time, and attendance is a big deal. Not only you are required to complete your work on a timely manner, but also quality is one of the organization’s key major goals achieved by following set guidelines known as care plans.
The organization has eight hrs shift, three shifts a day (AM, PM and NOC).

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The typically hierarchical arrangement of lines of authority is top bottom. Communication goes through two ways, top down or bottom up. Problem solving includes discussion and investigations. Managers and people within the department are involved.
Respect is highly regarded, we address one another by their preferred names and sometimes alias if permission granted.

Independent work: the job requires teamwork; supervision is required during re-training and re-introduction of new skills.

Office space allocation: since this is an healthcare setting, we have only offices for managers and other subordinate staff, but for care attendants it need only a common room sometimes referred as nurses station, where reports are exchanged.
Ongoing feedback regarding work performance: We have yearly evaluations from the state department of health and we get feedbacks on areas where we need to improve and making sure compliance papers are up to date.

Ongoing educational opportunities: we have yearly health care training as required by the state law.

Organizational and departmental goals, and expectations of employees with respect to achieving these goals. As a health care community, we have a goal of proving quality care with dignity, respect, and honor.
Organization structure: we have functional structure, which includes supervisors, directors’ management and allocation of responsibilities through different departments.

Primary means of communication: we communication is done through, memos, E-mails, posts, phones and meetings
Rules concerning the décor of an employee’s workspace: No written rules about décor.

Skills, characteristics, and behaviors the company both disapproves of and values. Our company values integrity, accountability, respect, honest and self- discipline. Disapproves unethical behaviors such poor communication, self interest and alcoholism
Stress reducers, such as gym membership: no apparent stress reducers available.

Teamwork: the ability to work together and creatively produce the best outcomes to our customers and community is highly recommended in our organization.


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