Access to services in Brighton CBD Is equal for different groups of people Essay

On Tuesday 22nd May 2001, year 10 went to Brighton for the day to say whether we agree or disagree with the hypothesis:” Access to services in Brighton CBDIs equal for different groups of people”We had 4 main areas to study, they were:* The Lanes* New Road* Western Road* Churchill Square.When we got there we were split up into 4 different groups and went off to study the 4 areas.For all the different areas, we had a number of worksheets to work through.

These included a questionnaire, land use map, data collection sheets, we also had to find out about parking and bus details, when we was in each different area we had to take photos and draw sketches.Services Found Within The CBD!The LanesThe services we found in the lanes were mainly high order shops. Most of the shops were jewelry shops. There were also a small number of personal services, low order shops and food, entertainment and leisure.Western RoadThe services we found in the Western Road consist loads of high order shops like Top Shop and JD Sports. There weren’t that many low order shops, but there was a small number scattered around.New RoadThe services we found in New Road were a combination of Food, Entertainment and Leisure and Personal Services and High Order Shops.

There were a few public buildings located here as well like, The Brighton Pavilion and The Theatre Royal.Churchill SquareChurchill Square is more of a large shopping department than streets and streets of shops; Churchill Square is located near Western Road. Churchill Square consists of a variety of services like high order shops, Low order shops and Food, Entertainment and Leisure.

Outside of Churchill Square was where most of the food shops are located.How are services accessible to different groups of peopleWhen looking at accessibility we were told to study 4 main areas:* Buses* Car parking* Car park opening hours* How accessible the area is for different groups of peopleThe LanesThe Lanes was quite small and crowded so it was not that good for disabled people or young mums with buggies. The roads were narrow and people had to push through to get pass so that wasn’t good either. There also seemed to be no bus stops so if disabled people or mums with buggies wanted to come here they would have to do a fair bit of walking it is also inconvenient for elderly people that cannot walk that far. Even with no buses The Lanes is still quite difficult to get to as there is only 1 car park which is for disabled drivers only. The pavements are also quite unevenly placed so people in wheelchairs or mums with buggies would find it hard to move or maneuver in a wheelchair swiftly and quickly.New RoadNew Road is good for foot passengers and cars but not that good for disabled people. There was not that many cars but buses running through the street which is good for disabled people so they could get off the bus when they need to instead of 5 minutes earlier.

There was also a new style of bus, which had a lower step, so the elderly or mums with buggies didn’t have to struggle to get on the bus. The parking in New Road was mostly disabled throughout the high street. In one part of New Road there is a car park, which opens at 7am and closes at 7pm, the cost to park in the car park is �1.00 an hour.

Churchill SquareAccessibility to Churchill Square is fairly good because the services are accessible to different groups of people. There are also a few car parks. And Churchill Square actually has a private car park for the department store users, which costs 60p an hour. Inside the private car park there is allocated parking for disabled drivers or parents with children, the car park also has spaces for 1600 cars, it is open 24/7. The buses run from Patchen to Hollingdean, the last bus comes at 11pm and they run about every 20 minutes. The floor of the car park is smooth and not rough and uneven so it makes movement for pushchairs and wheelchairs very easy.

There are also lifts and stairs, which can take you directly into the department store.Western RoadLike Churchill Square, Western Road also has a regular bus route running through the street. The cost for taking the bus is �1.00 for an adult and 50p for a child.

The last bus comes at 11pm like Churchill Square. The buses run from Hingleigh to Heath Center. There are roughly about 4 or 6 bus stops on western road, this is convenient for elderly people because they can get off outside or very close to the shop they need.

There is no car park for Western Road so people have to park in Churchill Square and walk to Western Road. Parking for disabled drivers is all right because there are 5 allocated spaces for disabled drivers, so if all these 5 spaces are used up the disabled drivers have to park in Churchill Square and walk which is not very convenient.ConclusionI visited Brighton to see whether the hypothesis”Access to services in Brighton’s CBDIs equal for different groups of people”Is correct or incorrect. I managed this by recording data on data sheets and studying the different services in the 4 areas.My conclusion for the hypothesis is Brighton is equally accessible as any other town for different groups of people.

I agree with the hypothesis, my reasons for this are that there are many areas in Brighton that have disabled facilities, such as toilets, disabled parking bays and wheelchair clearways. There are also good facilities provided by public transport such as a regular bus service to most of the areas we visited. The buses that travel round Brighton are quite accessible for different groups of people because the new buses have a new lower step, which means wheelchair users, elderly, or mums with buggies do not have to struggle and strain to get on and off the buses.

Most of the areas we visited also had wide pavements to fit wheelchairs and buggies down, but some of the areas we visited had rough, unevenly laid pavements which made it difficult to move along the street.I think Churchill Square and Western Road have the best services and the best accessibility within the 4 areas we had to study. Churchill Square’s car park, which is open for 24 hrs a day AND is cheap and always available and the bus service runs every 20 minutes. Whereas the car park, which is situated in New Road, shuts at 7pm so if you missed the closing time your car would be shut in the car park till early the next morning.

In The Lanes there is only room for disabled people, there are no other parking places, and the nearest car park to The Lanes is Churchill Square.EvaluationI think that my fieldwork went ok in Brighton. I had one big problem and that was that I didn’t actually go to brighton so I had to rely on my own knowledge of Brighton and on my friends data and photos, but considering that fact I think I have done well.I had all the information that I needed, but I had the disadvantage of missing a few little details such as some of the opening and closing times of places that sort of thing.I have learnt a lot from my visit to Brighton; I have learnt that people in wheelchairs do not have a variety of shopping areas allocated to them due to them being disabled. I have also learnt that not all areas of Britain accommodate to allow disabled or young mothers with prams in them.


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