Accounting can be both basic and complex.

It is the backbone of any business. Any faults in the accounting system of a business can lead to unexpected consequences which one is not prepared to face. At Quickbook Services USA LLC, we provide comprehensive accounting and bookkeeping services under one roof. From setting up an initial accounting system and tax planning to employee benefits, cost-containment & profit sharing plans, we have a panel of Certified Public Accountants (CPA) who specializes in accounting and bookkeeping services.

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With their expertise, they are able to provide you with useful insights that turn out to be profitable eventually.         We provide accounting and bookkeeping services to the following business categories:·      Self-employed: Sales Experts, Service Providers, Consultants, and other Self-Employed Professionals can rely on us for financial management such as time tracking, tax deductions, billing, or multi-state complexities. ·      Small businesses: Small businesses face situations and challenges pertaining to their specific requirements. Our professionals not only help manage payables & receivables, assist with tax preparation, prepare reports, and track cash flow; we also render bookkeeping services, sales & use tax planning. ·      Corporate: There are the lot of tax situations to track and manage and a lot of finances and employees to deal with in case of large corporations. The most important part is IRS audits for which we provide complete assistance.

Our talented and professional CPAs take care of it all.·      Estate and Trust: Compliance requirements and complicated tax issues are peculiar to Estate and Trusts. Our team of specialized CPAs is adept at keeping up the good accounting work for estate and trusts.For availing our hassle-free accounting and bookkeeping services you may call us at 1800 924 9083.


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