Active Listening Skills Essay

Troy Cox Mrs…

Harris and Mrs… Scuba are the two senior corporate trainers interview during the focus group discussion about the use cognitive coaching skills when developing new trainers. Scuba has over 10-years of supervisory experience and training, and Mrs.

.. Harris has five-years of training experience, both are accountable for mentoring new trainers hired by the financial institution for the first year of their career.There are several active listening skills, if the active listening skills are use properly can significantly influence on the direction of the conversation with the client. Body language plays a vast role in collaborating with the students and show clearly whether the individual is engage. If the client feels comfortable and relax he or she will be at ease to continue speaking and sharing his or her thoughts.

One of the difficulties with task was keeping an attentive focus on the students, kept fidgeting and moving around in my seat a lot.This particular area was more challenging than other areas because of the struggle to keep still for extended periods of time. One of he specific active listening skills particularly useful was the open ended questions.

As a mentor or coach, one practice active listening skills when mentoring or coaching a student. Mrs… Harris states the individual has to face the speaker, sit up straight while he or she is talking. It is a good idea to maintain eye contact with the speaker. One needs to minimize outside distractions and respond appropriately showing that the individual understands. Mrs.

..Scuba states the individual needs to stay focus on what the speaker is saying and try not to think ahead and cut the speaker off. The individual needs to have an open mind before making any decisions. During the interview Mrs..

. Harris and Mrs… Scuba states they will have to leave early, some of the questions where not answer.

Mrs… Harris and Mrs… Sibs both states a successful implementation of the student evaluations of courses require engagement by all parties.

Both the quality and the rate of responses will improve if the following misconceptions about evaluations can be overcome Mrs…Harris states developing relationships between beginning teachers and mentors is foundational to arrangement an excellence introduction experience, development professional growth, and supporting leadership in the classroom and beyond. Mrs.

.. Scuba states mentors establish and maintain trusting personal relationships with beginning teachers as they provide on-going support. Mentors develop and improve a range of coaching skills so that they may be responsive to the needs of beginning teachers and promote their professional gar Mrs.

.. Scuba states to maintain unconditional positive regard for the students.The coach and mentor ought to be supportive and non-judgmental of the students, their sews, as a mentor you help your minute to learn within the context of a supportive. The mentor is non-judgmental, and does not impose his/her views on anyone.

Mrs… Harris states a coach is one who will facilitate the exploration of needs, motivations, desires, skills and thought processes to assist the individual in making real, life altering change. Mrs.

.. Scuba states a coach uses questioning techniques to facilitate client’s own thought processes in order to identify solutions and actions rather than takes a wholly directive approach.


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