Adam and Eve: an Epic Poem Essay

What makes Adam different from Eve and frailty versa? Is it because Adam happens to be a adult male. and Eve is a adult female? Even though this happens to be a true fact. there is a deeper significance to contrasting Adam and Eve. John Milton’s heroic poem verse form. Eden Lost. gives cardinal differences when contrasting Adam and Eve.

Paradise Lost can be summed up as being about the creative activity of the universe. which is known as “the paradise” and the events before and after that surrounded the creative activity. Along with the creative activity of the universe came the creative activity of the first two human existences known to mankind. better known as Adam and Eve.

Although Adam and Eve were created every bit by GOD. these characters shared different ideas and performed different actions that distinguished them from one another. which lead to them holding contrasting strengths and failings.When GOD was in the procedure of making the first two human existences. one would foretell that they would be really similar.

From the physical mentality. differences between Adam and Eve could be seen easy. merely because of the physical features that differentiate adult male and adult female. But if the human oculus were to somehow dig deeper beneath the tegument of Adam and Eve. one could see how the two were reasonably different. One manner of separating one from the other and contrasting the two would be the strengths that each of them possessed.

With the strengths. Milton non merely showed the differences through the personality. but through the actions as good. The stronger of the two or the character that possessed the most strength was Adam. Even though this pick is really much debatable. Milton backs this up with illustrations within Paradise Lost.Both Adam and Eve possessed ideas. and performed actions that one would see strength.

But there are certain strengths that stick out to one’s head. and that had an consequence environing the narrative. Eve’s greatest strength was her capacity for love.

emotion. and patience. In contrast to Adam. Eve possessed a big sum of love in her bosom. which leads her to wonder and being able to believe “outside the box” . Adam did hold a great capacity of love enemy Eve.

but it is nil compared to the capacity that Eve held. “She as a head covering down to the slender waist Her unadorned aureate braids wore Disheveled but in motiveless coils waved As the vine curls her tendrils. which implied Subjection. but required with soft sway And by her yielded. by him best received Yielded with demure entry. modest pride. And sweet loath amative delay” ( IV.

304-311 ) . This quote lists features of Adam and Eve. but what separates the two qualities is Adam’s “reluctant amative delay” . These quoted words depict Adam’s fighting for place in with love. which proves the point that he had a smaller capacity for love than Eve.

Adam on the other manus possessed more strengths than Eve. This is credible because Adam was of course built by GOD to take Eve. as Milton proclaimed in the heroic poem.

For one. Adam was strong. intelligent. and rational. Milton besides claimed Adam as being “the most perfect as any human being would of all time be. ” But the strength that set him apart from Eve and that contrasts his strength from hers. was his capacity for ground. He could understand the most sophisticated thoughts immediately.

Eve did non possess this ; therefore she was easy influenced and deceived. Proof of her being easy fooled. would be how she was the first to eat from the Tree of Knowledge. Adam tended to take his attack on jobs by believing critically and inquiring aid from GOD. So although Adam and Eve were created every bit by GOD. each of them possessed different strengths that distinguished them from one another.Along with the strengths of Adam and Eve. there besides came failings.

Between Adam and Eve. Eve possessed more failings than Adam. Again this is a problematic sentiment. but in the instance of Paradise Lost. Milton portrayed this. Eve was created to be led by Adam. but did non make so because of her deficiency of larning.

Milton portrayed Eve as being somewhat inferior to Adam. Even though she was in love with him. she resented him because she fell in love with her ain natural beauty. One instance of this is a portion in the heroic poem verse form when Eve began staring at her contemplation in the H2O. It was so that she became slightly conceited. and one of her greatest failings became her assets and amour propre.

Another signifier of Eve’s failing was her deficiency of intelligence. She did non near state of affairss that called for ground. right. An illustration of this is the manner she was easy seduced by Satan. “The assortments of hatred and retaliation exhibited by the devils during their infernal council are rooted in fallen human experience” ( Ryken 103 ) . This quote connects to the point that Milton portrayed the autumn of Eve and world. through her experience with Satan. She had a weaker mentality than Adam because Satan seduced her into feeding from the Tree of cognition.

From reading Paradise Lost 1 could perchance fault Eve for the ruin of Adam. But what makes Adam’s failing different from Eve is the individual that he had loved for. Eve fell in love with her ain assets and amour propre. In contrast. Adam did non fall in love with himself. but alternatively fell in love with Eve. “Adam’s desire for Eve in Paradise Lost is nil if non honest. and.

so. it does bring on in him the gravest disturbances. He yields to his desire and suffers catastrophe as a result” ( McMahon 51 ) .That happened to be Adams greatest failing and his ruin ; his great love for Eve. As a consequence for his strong infatuation for Eve.

she could easy carry him. as Satan persuaded her. Adam did non desire to lose and upset Eve. so Eve’s love lured Adam into eating from the Tree of Knowledge. Another failing that Adam possessed was his thirst for cognition. This besides contributed to his ruin because he was ever willing and desiring to cognize more. An dry comparing is how Adam’s “thirst for knowledge” led him to the “Tree of Knowledge.

” So in summing up Adam’s weaknesses led him to disobey GOD for Eve. Although Adam and Eve were created every bit by GOD. their different ideas and actions led to a contrast in each other’s weaknesses.In the concluding analysis. one can see how similar characters from birth. grew to be different characters with clip. Although Adam and Eve were created every bit by GOD. these characters shared different ideas and performed different actions that distinguished them from one another.

which lead to them holding contrasting strengths and failings. Neither of the characters were heroes nor demonic figures. even though they contributed to the ruin of adult male.

“Paradise Lost is a Christian heroic poem and Christ is the hero.Milton has laid the authoritative heroic poem under testimonial for inside informations that adorn a new and in most respect modern type” ( Woodhull 256 ) . This quotation mark shows how others see the item that Milton put in to depicting Adam and Eve. and doing it more apprehensible in today’s universe. In shutting. the outline of Paradise Lost is really problematic when comparing or contrasting Adam and Eve.

They were the two first human existences known to mankind. and set the phase for the remainder of the universe. Milton portrays each Adam and Eve to the fullest that gives readers a opportunity to hold their ain clear positions about each.Work CitedMcMahon. Robert. The Two Poets of Paradise Lost.

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