Administration Operations Essay

IntroductionWe have been set an assignment by the Business studies department to organise an activity that will be taking place. The objective of the assignment is to develop administrative skills. We are put in the situation to work in a team and learn how admin functions within an organisation and how each individual has roles and responsibilities, which help others to perform to the best of their ability.We were numbered 1 – 4 by Miss Chokr and were then put into our groups.

Myself and six other members of the group are organising on activity, which will take place, the team of individuals is as follows:* Chairperson: Luis* Vice Chairperson: Kowsar* Secretary: Shazna* Vice Secretary: Manjit* Other members: Myself, Alkesh, SukhjivMy group of six are a very hard working group, we all worked extremely well together to make this activity a success. Each member of the group plays a very important part in this assignment.Luis who is the chairperson undertakes an extreme job, making sure everyone knows exactly what the are going and how he or she is going to do it.Kowsar plays the part in which she has to motivate the others in getting the vital information, which is needed to make each individual’s presentation a success.

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She also had to do her own research for her presentation in addition to watching and improving all the other members of the groups presentations.Shazna and Manjit worked together. They both where responsible in making sure that all members of the group knew when an after school meeting would take place. They where also in charge in producing hand outs and other paper based information.Other members of the group’s responsibilities where to make sure that they have produced an action plan and have all the vital information which is needed for the presentation, this would include primary and secondary information. Each individual brings his or her own personal skills together to produce an excellent presentation. Even though at the beginning of the preparation for our final presentation our group were not doing so well with the absents of Sukhjiv and the lack of resources we had gathered.

I believe that we all produced an excellent presentation, which convinced Miss Choker about paint balling in which we wanted to go ahead.We as a group have proposed four ideas to Miss Choker in which we will select one to complete our administrative assignment:* Kowsar – Ice skating* Alkesh & Luis – Bowling* Shazna & Manjit – Thorp Park* Satnam & Sukhjiv – Paint BallingIn my assignment I am going to mention how we chose our final activity. To help the group select the shown event we’ve used when, why, where, what and how method.

These helped us developing our pros and con’s of each activityTask A:Provide a detailed description of the project/ activity proposed by our group.Thorp ParkWHO WILL BE GOING?Thorp Park is a popular theme park in the UK. It gives the year 8 pupils an opportunity to have an enjoyable experience with their fellow classmates.

This trip will consist of over 60 people including six teachers to go to the theme park. Thorp Park will be a great way to meet other pupils in the year, which you don’t already know, and also a excellent reward after the exams.WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO?The rides such as the Banana Boat and the Lego land are a excellent day out with your friends. Because the students are still very young and settling in it would be appropriate as Chesington and Alton Towers might be a bit too scary for some of the students which will like to be included in the day out.

The Mathematics department arranged a trip to Thorp Park when I was in year 8 and I made new friends whom I did not know before and some are now very good friends this is an excellent opportunity.WHEN WILL THIS ACTIVITY TAKE PLACE?We are hoping to arrange a trip on the 5th May 2001. To get to Thorp Park we will have to leave round 8.30am and we will all have a central meeting area in the school outside the music department.

We will approximately be reaching there at 9.30am.WHERE IS THORP PARK?Thork Park is not far from the Islworth area an hour and a half-maximum depending on traffic, as it is rush hour. Thorp Park is located in Surrey. This journey is from Hounslow is approximately 1 – 2 hours long.HOW WILL WE GET THERE?The group of students and teachers will arrive to Thorp Park in a coach by West Bus.WHY WE TAKING YEAR 8?We as a group have decided that it would be a wonderful way to meet new people in the year. As I mention before it would also be a nice idea when completing end of year examinations.

BowlingThis would be organised for the year 11. The students will be able to take part in a challenging day full of excitement. The students can get together and play as many games as they want including playing pool and other arcade fertilities.WHO WILL BE GOING?The trip will consist of the year 11 students and six other teachers. We have chosen to include the year 11 students because we feel that the students are mature enough to play serious games of bowling. Also it gives them a chance to socialise out side school due to the revision that they have been undertaking for their G.

C.S.C’SWHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO?The students will first have to choose the suitable size foot wear. Then the students will get into teams of 9 – 10 individuals and then start enjoying themselves. The students can bring a pack lunch or eat at McDonalds inside the complex.

If the students wish to try something else they can have a game of pool and play on the arcades.WHEN WILL THIS ACTIVITY TAKE PLACE?We are hoping to arrange a trip on the 5th May 2001. To get to Airport Bowls we will have to leave round 8.30am and we will all have a central meeting area in the school outside the music department.

We will approximately be reaching there at 9.30am.WHERE AIRPORT BOWLS?Airport bowls is very close to Heathrow Airport it will take a maximum of 30 minutes to an hour depending on the rush hour traffic.WHY WE TAKING YEAR 11?We also think it would be a nice idea if the year 11 year went on a trip because some people wish to leave after year 11 so it would be an ideal last get togetherHOW WILL WE BE GETTING THERE?We have decided that it would be a great risk for the students and the teachers guiding the students there as we will have too much responsibility. Also the pupils parents will not agree to us using public transport. We have decided to get to the location by coach.Ice SkatingIce-skating is an excellent idea but people who can’t skate at all will have a unpredictable day during the whole of the experience.

We have thought very hard within the group weather to consider ice-skating. The school has already in the pass experienced an outing with pupils from the Heathland School. From the information we had gathered it was a successful outing for the students and the teachers.WHO WILL BE GOING?The trip will consist of the year 7 pupils. We have decided to arrange this activity for this year, as we believe it is the hardest year of high school as the students are fairly new. It will also give the students a chance to socialise with other member of year, which they have not been introduced to or already know.WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO?The students will first have to choose suitable size foot wear.

As soon as they have the right size skating shoes they can get on the ice and enjoy them selves. The students can also bring a pack lunch or enjoy a snack from ice scatting arena. If some students are finding it hard to balance on the ice they can socialise outside the ring whilst playing arcades.WHEN WILL THIS ACTIVITY TAKE PLACE?We are hoping to arrange this trip on the 5th May 2001. To get to the ice skating arena we will leave 12.00am. We have a meeting point in the school ground outside the music department. We will be reaching approximately at 1.

00pm depending on traffic.WHERE IS ICE-SKATING ARENA?The arena is located in the Slough area, it will take us a maximum of 1hour depending on the lunch time rush hour.WHY WE TAKING YEAR 7?We decided that it would be an excellent way of the new year to get together and get to know one another.

As the trip will take roughly 1 hour the year can get to know one another and be introduced to new people who they didn’t know before.HOW WILL WE BE GETTING THERE?We have decided that it would be a great risk for the students and the teachers guiding the children there as we will have too much responsibility. Also the pupils parents will not agree to us using public transport. We have decided to get to the location by coach.Delta Force:Delta force is the chosen idea and we find this trip the most effective as it is not just enjoyable our also is a way to build your team working skills.WHO WILL BE GOING?As a group we have decided that it would be wise to include a small amount of individuals. An estimation of 14 students, supervised by 2 teachers. Every 10 students will be supervised by 1 teacher therefore 2 teachers will be part of the trip.

WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO?The fun filled active day will consist of a number of things:The students & teachers will get into 2 mixed teams.The aim of the game is to receive a flag from the opposite team without getting shot. During this the team will be able to experience 5 different surroundingsGarrison SiegeTerminatorA Bridge Too FarHo Chi Minh TrialStorm The BunkerDuring the day you will be able to enjoy a BQ feast, also coffee and tea will be served through out the whole of the day.The factors that effect the price are the number of paintballs your purchase:150 paintballs coat 17.50200 paintballs cost 19.

50300 paintball cost 24.95500 paintballs cost 34.95WHEN ARE WE GOING TO GO?We are doing our very best to make this unforgettable activity to take place in the 25th May.We are still confirming with the head of the Business studies department when it will be most suitable for our class to undertake this activity.

We are also confirming that the activity will not clash with the AVCE student’s examinations.HOW WILL WE BE GETTING THERE?Our group decided whether it would be possible to travel by the schools mini bus.We have authorised permission to travel in the bus if one of the two teachers volunteer to drive.If not then a payment of 5.00 extra will be included in the price package for every person.

To arrive to the destination it is an estimated time of 30 – 40 minutes.WHERE IS DELTA FORCE?The map shows that Delta Force is located in South London, the main area is based just off junction 10 on the M25When we rang Delta Force we spoke to the person who will be looking after us on the day, he told us over the phone that he actually lives in Hounslow and travels up to the head quarters ever day.The centre is located in surrey Norethan forest is close to us makes it an ideal location to actually go paintballing. To get to destination it will take approximately an hour. We will have to drive down M25 following directions to Effingham.

This will than give us directions to Norethan forest was paintball centre is.WHY WE TAKING ANVC STUDENTS?We are taking the AVCE students because we feel that the students will never have the opportunity to experience a GARANTEED day of fun. At the very beginning when we were given an assignment to organise a activity, our group produced a tally chart showing that every single student in our class were at first willing to pay up to �30 – 35. We now have the real figure which will be �20 including everything.

Now that we have found an even cheaper deal we think that a lot of students will be very disappointed if this activity does not go ahead.The students do no the advantages and disadvantages of paint balling. The class is aware that the pellets do tend to sting due to the pressure of the riffles. For the students that are worried of getting hurt this is very unlikely to happen. The pellets will have no contact to any part of your skin, you will be provided will essential combat uniform including goggles, helmet, face protection mask, gloves and insulated thick camouflage uniform.

Contingency plan:If there is a problem in getting the mini bus from the school then we will have to hire a coach, which will extend the cost. The price will be increased to 12 per person for the travel expensive.This trip will be organised before the exams due to activate week and the other classes that are organising activities.Identify the objectives of this project:Objective One:”Running a successful event without falling back on to our contingency plans”As a group we want to run this event without resorting to our contingency plan. We felt that this was important because to the fact we would feel that our activity well planed and due to this we don’t have to use our contingency plans even though we are well prepared if need be. We will know when we have run a successful event, as we will be monitoring the event as well as asking individuals about what they liked and disliked about the event.

Objective Two:”To follow health and safety regulations”In our presentation we made it very clear that there can be a danger of someone getting hurt due to the fifes. Delta force will provides us with a service on the actual day of the activity, which includes how to prevent getting hurt on getting into serious contact with a pellet. Below are the rules, which everyone who attends has to follow:The British and European paintballing sports council sets the Delta force guidelines.* Always keep you eyes protected unless the guide tells you to take of you goggles* Never shoot some body in close contact on purpose* Try to not to shoot someone’s skin or head* And always have as much FUN as you canDelta force will be providing our safety equipment:* Essential combat uniform* Goggles,* Helmet,* Face protection mask* Gloves* Insulated thick camouflage uniformDelta forces have the facilities in the medical centre. The medical centre is well equipped for all injuries however we feel if everyone follows the rules provided by Delta Force it may not be necessary to visit the centre. If every one follows these rules the event would be successful and more people would enjoy the trip. Also this is the first time the business studies department allow the students to choose an activity in which they would like to participate in, we would like other years to enjoy this kind of activity.

School policy:The school have given us the authorisation to make this activity actual happen, we would like to thank the business studies department for giving us the opportunity. Sixth form will have to follow a few rules, which consist in our school code of conduct. The rules are simple and apply whilst in school they are no drinking and smoking during the trip. Also students should behave in the appropriate manor. If students fail to follow these rules it will be unfair to the other students because the department will have to give second thought to whether they should allow students to organise there own day out in the future.Objective three:”To develop organisational and team building skills”It is important to the business to work, as team working is an important skill needed as it helps you build your commutation skills. Team building skills consist of listing and putting forward ideas.

During the event we will be monitoring how both teams communicate, from this we can find out what stops communication and what helps work around barriers.Task B:Identify any potential constraints that may hinder achieving the objective that you have set.Constraints about objective one:”Running a successful event without falling back on to our contingency planes”In running a successful event there may be many constraints. Firstly how do you measure a successful event. There are many more constraints for example if the senior management will allow us as a group to go paintballing at Delta Force in surrey.There are also a number of other factors, which might affect the way in which the activity will be carried out. Such factors:* Pain when hit* The WeatherCarrying out this activity during the summer can solve these constraints. This will enable us to have a successful event that will guarantee that the venture is satisfactory.

Also to over come the problem with being hit with a great force we will advice all students to wear extra padded clothing.The distance and the time to get to our destination will take a few more minutes than we expected as I felt that it would be advisable to set of early due to the rush hour. M25 is really busy during rush hour I feel that we should set off 20 – 25min earlier. I feel we should leave at 8:15am.The only main constraint, which is bothering me, is that we may not be able to find a teacher who will volunteer to drive the min bus we will be forced to get a coach.

If students refuse to pay the amount which the coach company ask for we may have to travel by tube.Constraints about objective two:”To follow health and safety regulations”Health and safety regulations will be discussed when we first arrive to the destination. Students will relies that the game can be dangerous if not played sensibly and if rules are not followed.Also we must follow the health and safety rules of Delta Force due to the fact if we don’t a number of injuries may occur. From this future events organised by AVCE may be cancelled and we may give our selves a reputation to be proud off. To over come this we will have to set guidelines to all students participating in the event.

If any student is caught disobeying the rules set by Delta Force or either the code of conduct they will be issued a punishment. They will receive the punishment from senior. Delta Force are very proud of the different groups of people that arrive to play paintballing, for example Prince William and Harry. They advertise in the booklet on whom participated in the activity, we as a school don’t what be given a bad reputation as Delat evaluate who actually come to play.Constraints on objective three:”To develop organisational and team building skills”Paintballing is a team building activity that helps build new skills. These skills can be useful later on when individuals decide to get a carrier, as they will need to be able to communicate with others.A problem, which might accrue on the day of the activity, is that at times people are more involved then others in the activity and this can cause problem in communication and hinder potential planes and barriers are forced between individuals.

Also a problem may be if you have a dominating group leader using the autocratic means of communicating individuals may feel unappreciated and commutation between one another may dysfunction. To resolve this I feel we should make two teams that will communicate well together and also share the same personalities.Constraints on objective four:”To help raise the profile of AVCE students”We also have to make are self recognised by other A level groups showing them that we are capable of achieving high standards.

We will do this by proving that we can organise events and also producing high quality of work. AVCE is a new course its is likely to be a focuses point in the school. It is also an issue that as were new to the course it is very weak. If students caught breaking the code of conduct or Delta Force rules and regulations they will be punished and be seen to by business studies management.


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