Adoption and Emotional Evidence Essay

Are you pregnant and don’t have the money or time or don’t have the chance to get pregnant? Well adoption would be a great option for you. Adoption was not legally recognized in the US until the sass’s with the passage of the first “modern” adoption law in Massachusetts that recognized adoption as a social and legal process based on child welfare rather than adult interests.

In this speech, I will examine the reasons why you should adopt kids and not get an abortion if you don’t have the money or time for the baby.My key points are to help stop the abortion and can help out other countries and people. Body: Key Point: Adoption can stop abortion. Logical Evidence: Lots of the single mother between the ages of 20-24 don’t know what to do with their babies. Emotional Evidence: Adoption doesn’t cost anything for the mother of the baby because the adoptive family is paying for it.

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And abortion depends on how far along you are which can range from about $500-$2,OHO. Logical Evidence: 23% of people can’t afford a baby and 25% of people are not ready for a child as of 2004.Emotional Evidence: If you give your child up for adoption, you don’t have to pay for the counseling fees, lawyers & agency expenses, hospital & doctor expenses, pre-natal vitamins and in most cases maternity clothes are covered by the family adopting your baby.

If you want the fact that you’ve placed your baby for adoption to be kept private that is up to you, and your decision will be respected. Making an adoption plan Is a special way of showing love to your child. You gave the child the gift of life, while putting his r her needs first with a future filled with opportunities.TLS will be explained to your child as he or she grows and develops.

You will not be forgotten. We know from our adopters, now young adults, who have told us that they are thankful their birthrates gave them the opportunity for a wonderful life. Key Point: Can help out other countries and people Logical Evidence: The boy to girl ratio in China is 1. 7 million girls than boys. Asia has the most under 6 year old kids adopters and Latin America has the most 18 ;over adopters both in 2000.Emotional Evidence: The reason why there is more girls than boys up for adoption is because there is particularly regions that have a one-child policy traditional favoring the boys.

Logical Evidence: There are plenty of reasons to consider adoption, like you know In your heart that you can’t take care of the baby or have a child already and another would be too much stress on you. Emotional Evidence:The good part about It, Is that there are many loving couples that show you the number of children adopted by the U. S.Citizens in 1990 and 001 because the numbers have changed or the countries that had children adopted in the sass’s are no longer being adopted in the sass’s. Conclusion: In conclusion, has you can tell, I am trying to get more people to adopt kids if people can’t have children or if people don’t have the time and money or don’t want their baby then they need to put their babies up for adoption then by giving an abortion.

Nothing this speech, I hope this will help stop abortion and help out other countries or people are the main reasons why people should choice adoption over abortion.


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