Adoption and Widowed Mother Essay

As humans we are all faced with events that occur in our lifespan in which some become memorable. In my case, being adopted is my most memorable event in my life thus far. It all resulted from my biological mother passing at a very young age En I was only 6 years of age. I then was placed into the foster care system where I lived in two different homes until I finally felt like I was at home.I felted right at home Math my new family, which consisted of only a widowed mother and about seven foster sisters. We were all part of this extremely diverse family and loved one another. My mother was 65 years of age when she decided to adopt her first adopted child, which was me.

It brought me to tears to realize that this woman who only took me in to shelter me wanted me to become her daughter. It was Feb.. 19, 1998 in Concord, Ma where I no longer was Dietitian Bracers and became Dianna Marie racers Potting.I finally was adopted by a widowed mother that adored me and loved me unconditionally. Although she was quite older than your average adoptive parent she had me involved in all types of activities. Her age didn’t make a difference In the Nay my childhood was and whatever I wanted to get involved Into she made sure I participated. She showed me how it was to love, care and devote yourselves to others and which I did.

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I was young, free and enjoyed every day on earth while she was by my side.It was not until the year of 2005 that she became sick and her medical health went downhill. It left me no choice but to move to the Cape with my godparents who provided me with shelter. They also showed me how It was to feel loved and be in a household family with a mother and dad. Although, living with hem was also another memorable life event It didn’t compare to the one I shared Math my mother. In 2008, she experienced a life threatening health care and was hospitalized.

I spent every moment by her side In her hospital room while she was hospitalized, in where she left the world on April 24, 2008. This event left me questioning life but furthermore It left me knowing that I shared many memorable events with this precious soul. She was my saint and savior from this world and Mulch she thought me so much about life.

So I dedicate the way I live my life from here on out to her, the women that shared so many memorable events In my life.


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