Adult Education Essay

Introduction Adult education is the process to provide education to the adult and aged people who, somehow, had failed to receive the elementary education during their childhood. The effort of providing adult education has been In existence for the past several years, as It is one of the most Important things In building an educated nation. Unless the adults realize the importance of education they would never understand the need to educate their progeny.

Education Is one of the stepping stones for building a strong nation. Hence adult education ;s promoted on a large call In the Indian sub continent. Concept of Adult Education 2. Most people make the mistake of looking at the concept of Adult Education from a narrow perspective. To them It Is nothing but a literacy program that Is undertaken to eradicate Illiteracy among adults In a country. However, Adult Education, as a discipline has come a long way.It is no longer restricted to literacy alone. In a wider connotation, Adult Education raters to any tort tot learning process that engages mature men and women beyond the confines tot a traditional learning environment.

Also termed as continuing education, it includes everything trot learning the three basic Or’s (reading, writing, and arithmetic to learning for personal accomplishment and goes to the extent of enabling a person to attain a higher degree.In order to have a better understanding of adult education, it becomes necessary for us to trace its beginning and know how it has evolved through the years. Evolution of Adult Education 3, Malcolm Knowles, who is also called the father of adult education, pioneered the field of adult learning in the IIS in the 20th century According to him adults are independent, self-directed, goal-oriented, and always pertinent to the matter in hand.

Therefore, curriculum to teach adults cannot be of the same genre of the curriculum framed for children.Adults need to connect learning to their vast accumulated experience and knowledge They appreciate and value only those educational programs that address adult Issues, have clear-cut goals, portray adult relationships, and are applicable to their field of work and Interest Today, all nations formulate their adult education programs keeping these principles In mind. Arioso forms of Adult Education 4. To get a clear Idea of what adult education Is all about, It becomes Imperative for us to know the different forms of adult education.Broadly speaking there are five forms of adult education: (a) Education that Is undertaken to Increase ones vocational, technical, and professional expertise.

Such kind of education alms at preparing an adult tort his first Job, or a new lob or even updating an adult about the new developments In his or her field tot work. (b) Types tot education that relates to lath, family relations, consumer buying, hygiene, planned parenthood, childcare, and so on. C) Types tot education that creates civil and political awareness amongst Educational programs that aim at providing learning for one’s personal enrichment and not for academic or professional purpose. (e) Basic education, which creates the foundation for a person to undertake all other types of adult education. Adult Education in India 5. Adult education in India is mainly provided at night schools. These are situated in almost all the cities and villages. The provision for imparting education has been dad at night because most of the people are engaged during the day.

Apart from the night schools, the government had also set up some libraries so that the adults can study more to become educated, not Just literate. 6. Adult education is included among the most important responsibilities of the Government, as the eradication of illiteracy has been one of the major national concerns of the Government of India since independence. In the recent times, the government has launched the programmer called National Literacy Mission (ML) for spreading adult education in India. 7.A large number of initiatives have been taken so far for providing adult education in India.

The government has also established model community centers, rural libraries, Kanata Colleges, youth clubs, manila Mandela and folk schools, for spreading adult education. The government also started a National Fundamental Education Centre for providing high-level training facilities to the adults. 8. However, apart from the Indian government, a large number of Nags have also been working to spread adult education in India and they have indeed done a great bob so far.Conduct of Adult Education 9. Change is constantly taking place in the society. The rapid advancement in science and technology in the 21st century has made life complex and people have to face innumerable challenges everyday.

To respond to the needs of the time, adult education has undergone a great change. It is now being conducted in various ways. In colleges and universities adult education is imparted through evening classes, projects, distance education, correspondence courses, courses without credit, and so on.The courses are provided by satellite transmission to various locations along with printed, audio and visual learning material. 10.

In community centers, adult education is imparted to illiterate adults by teaching them reading, writing, and arithmetic, child care, mental and physical hygiene and the like. This is usually the responsibility of the ministry of education and is conducted in the evenings in schools by volunteer teachers. Corporations, labor unions, organizations, and private institutions also sponsor adult education.

In such programs special attention is given o vocational education, education equivalent to high school degree, education for emotional and physical development, applied science, along with traditional learning, business and professional subjects. Advantages of Adult Education 1 1 . The advantage of adult education programs is that it can be undertaken by an individual at his or her convenient time and does not interrupt with his or her work schedule.

Online courses are also provided by some of the renowned universities in the world throughout the year. Worksheets enable the students to assess their 12.Remarkable improvement in the quality of performance and the capacity to learn in adults has made adult education very important today. Formal and regular education may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but there are ample opportunities today to widen one’s mental horizon, lead a respectable life, and earn a decent living. Education is no longer considered to be a means to getting a competent Job. It is now considered to be a lifelong process, which helps people to lead a better and fuller life. It is a process, which starts from the cradle and ends in the grave.


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