Advances in Media Technologies Sample Essay

Critically assess the statement that advances in media engineerings from publishing to the Internet ever go manus in manus with major societal and cultural alterations.New media is defined as “the signifiers of pass oning in the digital universe. which includes publication on Cadmiums.

DVDs and. most significantly. over the Internet. It implies that the user obtains the stuff via desktop and laptop computing machines. smartphones and tablets. Every company in the developed universe is involved with new media. ” ( 9/1/12hypertext transfer protocol: //www. pcmag.

com/encyclopedia_term/0. 2542. t=new+media & A ; i=47936. 00. asp ) .Progresss in media engineering over the past decennary and century have no uncertainty had a big influence on major societal and cultural alterations throughout the universe. if we look back at what has happened throughout 2011 alone we can already see this is true.The bend of 2011 showed the radical moving ridge of events in the Middle East known as the Arab Spring.

The events that have been go oning over the past few old ages in the Arabic states has been thought to be mostly down to online web-logging and societal networking web sites. A group of immature revolutionaries set up a group on Facebook called “April 6 Youth Movement” ( 9/1/12 hypertext transfer protocol: //www. facebook.

com/groups/38588398289/ ) where protests and events were organized. Blogging and societal networking was used as a medium of forming these events as it is a batch harder for the authoritiess of these states to restrict what their people view as it merely takes a affair of seconds to double a web page. where as if they see person passing out circulars or seting up postings they can merely collar them. This societal alteration means it is easier for people to pass on on a big graduated table. rapidly.However non everybody agrees ; Malcolm Gladwell ( 11/1/12 hypertext transfer protocol: //gigaom.

com/2011/02/03/gladwell-still-missing-the-point-about-social-media-and-activism/ ) says that people protested and brought down authoritiess before Facebook was invented. They did it before the Internet came along. Although this is a valid point. it wasn’t the new media engineerings that caused these events. but it was these engineerings that meant how widespread and rapidly intelligence could be passed on. This is due to a big sum of people holding entree to the Internet. you can maybe suit a few hundred people in a talk theater to debate a subject and set up an event.

but with on-line forums. the Numberss are limitless. therefore giving anybody the chance to take part and lend into making these events. They can besides make this without fright of apprehension.

with the usage of proxy waiters and VPNs you can do yourself practically anon. . without the concern of anything being traced back to you.By the mid 2000’s about everybody was utilizing digital picture taking as opposed to the old movie picture taking that was used in the old century. This meant exposure could be immediately uploaded to a waiter and shared throughout the universe via the Internet.

which is much faster and a batch more cost effectual. instead than purchasing a new axial rotation of movie. holding to utilize it all up before you can take it to acquire developed and so hold to wait for it. On top of that. this societal alteration meant people can now hold close instant celebrity from their exposures due to photojournalism web sites such as Flickr. Previously it could hold taken old ages before a exposure was truly appreciated and one would hold to engage a gallery. which is expensive to acquire the exposure they need.On May 12.

2008. China fell victim to a big temblor. mensurating 7. 9 on the Richter graduated table. The last clip there was an temblor in China. which was in 1976.

it took 3 months before the authorities would acknowledge it to the remainder of the universe. However. now due to new media engineerings. including societal networking web sites such as Twitter. and the easiness of uploading exposures through nomadic engineering ( i. e. camera phones and smartphones ) the temblor was reported as it was go oning ( 2011 Clay Shirkey Pg 136 Revolutions in Communication ) .The effects of what societal networking and digital picture taking has had on the current universe means that now you don’t hold to be a journalist by profession to describe what is go oning around the Earth.

This societal alteration has led on to many people describing on anything from current personal businesss to manner utilizing blogging web sites such as wordpress. com. this has come to be known as “citizen news media. ” However. although many people blog station as a avocation.

it has become a serious thing for others and to some extent a portion clip occupation. Popular bloggers non merely gain money from advertizements on their page. ( 13/1/12 hypertext transfer protocol: //www. problogger. net/archives/2011/09/09/13-ways-for-bloggers-to-make-money-with-advertising/ ) they besides gain chances to travel to events related to the genre of their web log. Take for illustration Millie Cotton. writer of the immature individuals manner web log “itsaldnthing. ” she is on a regular basis invited to the gap event darks of new trade names.

or high street ironss ; companies do this so that bloggers like her. who may hold a different audience. than say for illustration a top magazine. will be able to advance their things. therefore deriving promotion and a good repute. every bit long as the dark goes good ( 13/1/12 hypertext transfer protocol: //www.

itsaldnthing. com/2011/12/onepiece-launch-shoreditch-house. hypertext markup language ) .Citizen Journalism has meant that when we hear about a intelligence narrative via blogging. we don’t read it in the position of the societal elite. such as Rupert Murdoch and the editors of his newspapers. instead we read it in the position of an ordinary individual. who will most probably have a occupation that isn’t news media.

because although people can do money through blogging. unless it is a worldwide phenomenon. the opportunities of doing a nice life off it are minimum. Another alteration is that now.

instead than hear a group of narratives from first manus informants put together and told by one individual. the newsman. many times we will see. hear and read the narratives. first manus from the people who were really at that place.Many people consider the printing imperativeness to be one of the most important innovations of all time. Not merely has it had a big societal impact on the universe.

its cultural impact has been even larger. Before print came along. narratives and intelligence were dispersed via the spoken linguistic communication. and could be easy changed to accommodate the narrator or frequently misinterpreted by the receiving system. When print came along.

it immediately became the favorable manner of go throughing on information. nevertheless in order for people to understand what was being printed. they needed to larn how to read. this lead to a immense addition in literacy rates around the universe ( 2008 JC 13/1/12hypertext transfer protocol: //answers.

yokel. com/question/index? qid=20080407153935AAmxMqQ ) .Over the past decennary. the sum of Internet users has increased 480 % ( 15/1/12 hypertext transfer protocol: //www.

internetworldstats. com/stats. htm ) . this phenomenon has lead to many concern get downing up via the Internet.

As manner group Arcadia. which includes Topshop. BHS and Burton is be aftering to shut up to 260 shops due to non adequate gross revenues. online store. my-wardrobe. com has increased gross revenues by 400 % ( 15/1/12hypertext transfer protocol: //www. thisislondon.

co. uk/standard/techandgadgets/article-24014065-from-high-street-to-i-street—how-technology-is transforming-shopping. make ) .This cultural displacement is due to people desiring to make everything at the chink of a button. people don’t want to travel out and line up up for the things they want. they want it at that place and so. as peoples twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours lives get busier. this makes it easier.

The cost of points online is besides significantly cheaper. for big online companies. they do non necessitate to pay the high rent and overhead costs of Oxford Street for illustration. instead they merely need a warehouse. anyplace in the state. which is traveling to be well less.

therefore take downing the monetary value of the points they are selling. This will besides entice consumers to purchase online instead than in the stores excessively. which leads back to the ground our high streets are bit by bit deceasing.New media engineerings are non merely killing of the stores on the UK’s high streets. but they are besides doing it really hard for movie and music corporations to gain the money they were one time doing. With the rise of downpour sites such as thepiratebay and peer2peer webs like Kazaa and Limewire ( although the Gnutella web as been shut down ) Cadmium gross revenues are bit by bit worsening.

and although legal downloads are of all time increasing. the net incomes borders being made are non. and this is all due to the rise in illegal downloads ( 15/1/12 hypertext transfer protocol: //www. defender. co. uk/music/2012/jan/02/uk-music-sales-decline-2011? newsfeed=true ) . With it being of all time easier for albums to acquire leaked from studios.

and the easiness it is to immediately copy the files. there is no admiration why people aren’t purchasing music. nevertheless this does non pardon the cumulative loss of ?1. 2bn to enter companies between 2007-2012( 15/1/12 hypertext transfer protocol: //www. defender. co. uk/commentisfree/2009/may/22/illegal-downloads-isps )Although these new engineerings have made it more hard for record labels and movie companies to bring forth net income. they have created and chance for anybody to go celebrated.

Before these engineerings. music creative persons would non merely have to play tonss of little gigs to acquire noticed. and so hold to trust that person would descry them and mention them to a record company. But with the new media engineerings this isn’t the instance ; it is now easy to acquire clasp of entering equipment and maestro paths with plans like garage set or Cubase. which are both easy to acquire clasp of over the Internet. On top of this. if the creative person wants to do a music picture.

they can make this with a comparatively inexpensive camera. or even on some new camera phones which include HD video gaining control. and so redact it with other inexpensive plans. The innovation of YouTube made created even more possibility for people to do a name for themselves. Sneakbo. a rapper from Brixton. South London.

rose to fame after continuously uploading music picture every few hebdomads until he finally made it to 48 on the official UK charts. all done unsigned. ( hypertext transfer protocol: //dvdfever. co. uk/ ? p=2862 16/01/12 )YouTube has non merely created celebrated instrumentalists but it has created concerns. enterprisers have used the web site to their advantage excessively.

School failure and near college bead out Jamal Edwards. 21. now has a concern. which started wholly through YouTube that last twelvemonth entirely turned over ?110.

000. “Earlier this twelvemonth Jamal signed trades with Sony RCA doing him CEO of his ain music company. Just Jam Records.

and the New Era Cap Company. to let go of two SB. Television styled chapeaus and go its first and lone European flagbearer. ” ( 16/01/12 hypertext transfer protocol: //www. thisislondon. co.

uk/lifestyle/article-23989269-the-acton-kid-and-his-media-empire. make )If we refer back to Malcolm Gladwell and his position on societal media along side the events that have happened over the old ages since new media engineerings have come about. it is seeable to us that it is non the new media engineerings that have caused all of these societal and cultural alterations around the universe. Many of these things mentioned early could good hold happened without the usage of these engineerings.

nevertheless it would take a batch longer to organize and for it to go on. So we can see that the innovation of these engineerings did non do all of these things happen. it is merely how people have used them to their advantage to derive mass audiences and followings with minimum attempt.BibliographyNew media Definition from PC Magazine Encyclopedia. 2012. New media Definition from PC Magazine Encyclopedia. [ ONLINE ] Available at: hypertext transfer protocol: //www.

pcmag. com/encyclopedia_term/0. 2542. t=new+media & A ; i=47936. 00. asp.

[ Accessed 9 January 2012 ] .April 6 Youth Movement Facebook. [ ONLINE ] Available at: hypertext transfer protocol: //www. facebook. com/groups/38588398289/ . [ Accessed 9 January 2012 ] .Gladwell Still Missing the Point About Social Media and Activism — Tech News and Analysis.

2012. Gladwell Still Missing the Point About Social Media and Activism — Tech News and Analysis. [ ONLINE ] Available at: hypertext transfer protocol: //gigaom. com/2011/02/03/gladwell-still-missing-the-point-about-social-media-and-activism/ . [ Accessed 11 January 2012 ] .Bill Kovarik. 2011.

Revolutions in Communication: Media History from Gutenberg to the Digital Age. Edition. Continuum. Pg 13613 Wayss for Bloggers to Make Money with Ad: @ ProBlogger. 2012. 13 Ways for Bloggers to Make Money with Ad: @ ProBlogger. [ ONLINE ] Available at: hypertext transfer protocol: //www.

problogger. net/archives/2011/09/09/13-ways-for-bloggers-to-make-money-with-advertising/ . [ Accessed 13 January 2012 ] .It’s a LDN Thing. : OnePiece launch @ Shoreditch House. 2012.

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