CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION Just Imagine that you already foundthe person you love and you want this person to be with you forever throughsickness and in health. As an individual you also want to express your love throughmarriage but there is some hindrances taking away your rights to get marriedand stop you to be free to feel what other couples experience, just because theperson you love is same sex as you.  Philippines is a countrywhere the people are predominantly Christians specifically the Roman Catholics.As the government and church are separated in the Philippines, the governmenthas the power to enforce laws even without consent of the church. The Filipinosare religious people Because of the influenced made by the church. That is whythere are thoughts, debates, and amendments about the issue of legalizing thesame sex marriage in the country. The legalizationof same sex marriage is one of the most controversial issue that Philippines isfacing. As the Christians like Roman Catholic believes that marriage between two persons with the same gender is a sin because basedon the bible; a woman is created for a man.

The bible says that in Corinthians6:9-10, same sex marriage is a form of immorality and the God will not let thishappen to His people. That is why the church and other religious groups do notwant to legalize same sex marriage. They also says that if same sex marriagewill be legalized, it will destroyed the image of the Philippines as a predominantChristian country and it is so indecent activity.                Background of the Problem A.     General Research Problem 1.     What is the effect of same sexmarriage in the Philippines? As we all know that same sex marriageis one of the most controversial issue here in the Philippines.

Everyone canthink a lot of questions about this, like what will be the effect in social,mental, physical, emotional, and also spiritual aspect of same sex marriage. Ithink that this question can answer on how same sex marriage affect all of us,if what is the good and bad effect brought by legalizing same sex marriage inthe Philippines.    B.     Specific Research Problem 1.     Why do we need to legalize same sex marriagein the Philippines? Philippines is one of having a biggernumber population of LGBT in the world. The question is, do we really need tolegalize same sex marriage here in the Philippines? This question says thatsome people are confused and has no idea about this issue. I also think that;do the Philippines is ready in legalizing same sex marriage? It shows that wedo not have a strong answer and proof on this issue.

 2. Will the Catholic Church accept thelegalization of same sex marriage? The church is separated to thegovernment, but what can the church say if same sex marriage is enforced by thelaw here in the Philippines. Is the Catholic Church will accept the same sexmarriage or they will criticize and try to stop it? This only shows about whois stronger between the church and the government. I think that this issue isso sensitive because of that it will give a big impact in the Philippines.

   Purpose of the Study The purpose of this study is to gatherinformation on what are the effects of same sex marriage to the Filipinosespecially to the LGBT people. It is also to know what will be the advantagesand disadvantages if same sex marriage will be legalized here in the Philippines.   


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