Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Exam Essay

Manual Exam Manual Exam is sort of an assessment that is intended to measure an individuals knowledge, skill and aptitude of a certain student or individual. This is also commonly known to test takers as “Written Tests” and is a manual exam developer’s choice of which style or format to use in creating and developing a written administered on a sheet of paper. A test taker who takes a written test could respond to such specific test items by writing it down manually within a given space of an examination paper or any separate sheet of documenttest is usually given that there is no such standard of testing.

Be that as it may, certain exam style format have become widely used than others. Online Exam Online examination is an assesment that use network connection or internet in its process. Individuals and students must sign in on an assessment program or web link by entering their username and password. Then they choose the course that will be tested and the student start answering the questions that is shown on the screen. After they have finished the examination, the student taking the exam must click on a certain button that would require finishing the examination process.Even though this seems easy, online examination has its advantages and disadvantages as well. The students who agree that online examination is good has many advantages. Online examination can make the student’s life easier because they don’t need any paper and pen to do the examination.

Furthermore, online examination can be effective and efficient. The students don’t waste much time to answer the questions because they only click on the best answer that is provided. One other advantage of online examination is that we can know our scores just after the exam.Sometimes, instructors can be very busy on a given day and do not have any time to check the exams. Online examination can solve this problem. The instructor does not need to check all of the exams. Online examination can do this all at once through system process.

The test scores are immediately shown on the screen. On the other hand, there are also many disadvantages in online examination. There are possibilities of power failure, network failure, computers that randomly hang at any given examination day and so many others.These could disturb the process of examination. It can be very dissapointing while taking exams online then browouts happen or an accidental network or wireless disconnection.

Other disadvantages of online examination is the possibility of cheating. If a certain computer network group is unsecure in a LAN environment, chances are students can transfer answer sheets through notepad or open or use a calculator secretly. Overall, online examination is a good technology progess that has its own advantages and disadvantages


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