Advertisement analysis Essay

have analyzed an advertisement.

It is an advert of a perfume from a magazine called “Teen Vogue”. (As the title says it is a magazine for teens, especially girls. It is a mode magazine where there are plenty of adverts. Obviously the advert is addressed to young people, mostly females.) The advert shows a princess who is looking at an apple which is a perfume. The perfume is in form of an apple and it is hanging on a silver tree.The princess looks like she is running towards the silver apple tree with lust in eyes.

The princess is a nice woman and she has long, pastel rose dress and long, curly, brown hair. Her eyes are on the apple-perfume and it looks like she really wants to get it. It looks like she is in a white palace because the door she runs through are big and they look like a palace door. There are also ornaments on the walls which remind of the luxury of the place. We can see that through the door the princess got into the room, plenty of red apples are falling from a stack of apples.When you are looking on the advert for the first time, your eyes are going directly to the apple-perfume in the right top corner. It is because the rest of the picture is a little bit faded. The apple-perfume itself is shiny.

The princess� sight is on the apple-perfume and that�s why we look on that at the first place. The apple-perfume picture is not really big; however it generates interest because everything on the advert is focused on that.There is not much text in the advert I am analyzing.

Obviously there is a name of the company that the perfume is from, namely Nina Ricci. (Nina Ricci was a French fashion designer. The house of Nina Ricci was founded by her and the company is taken now by Nina Ricci�s son in law, Gilles Fuchs (Wikipedia.

com)). There is also a name of the perfume – Nina. They are placed just below the product and are written in big black letter.

The name of the perfume is written in italics. Underneath these names there is a short description of the product, written in small but visible letters: “the new magical fragrance” which reminds us about this magical world of the picture. In the left corner there is placed a link to the website where we can get more information about the product. It became really common nowadays to put the websites because of the society we live in.I was a little bit surprised because of the fact that on the advert, there is also a name of the chain of American stores where you can buy almost everything. The name which I am talking about is “Macy’s”. Probably it is because of the fact that Macy�s is sponsoring the advert and they have also promotion.

On their website (, we can see that their slogan is: “the magic of Macy’s”. It also corresponds to the advert of the perfume because of the fact that both of them use “magic” as their publicity stunt. It can be a reason why they wanted to sponsor this particular perfume.When I looked after the advert that would be good to analyse, I found this advert.

I chose it because of many things that can be found and connected to the advert. However the advert itself does not wake many feelings. When I am looking at the advert I feel calmness because of the colors which are calm and pastel. I can also feel lust that I want to have this particular perfume. It can give hope that if I buy this perfume, I am going to be princesses.

The biggest role in this advert has the apple. That is because of the fact that: the perfume has the shape of an apple and there are apples which are falling through the door. The apple symbolizes many things. It can symbolize the forbidden fruit in the Christianity.

In the Bible it says that, when Adam and Eva was in the Garden of Eden, the God said that they can eat fruits of every tree in the garden but they cannot take the fruits of the tree in the middle of the garden. He did not say why. However Eva did not listen to him and took the apple from that tree. She thought that she will be cleverer than the God.

Afterwards the God expelled both her and Adam from the Paradise and from this time the apple is a symbol of sin and immorality.The originator of the advert could have this Bible story in mind while he was doing this advert. It could be his inspiration since the woman on the picture is looking on the apple-perfume with lust in eyes.

In this meaning the apple-perfume can be seen as that if you get the apple-perfume, you are going to be really intelligent. That you are going to be more intelligent than the God.The apple appears also in many fairytales, like in episode in “Snow White”. In this fairytale a poisonous apple puts Snow White in sleep.

Afterward a prince on white horse comes and awakes her by kissing. It is even more likely that the maker of this advert was inspired by this story. The princess appears both in the advert and in the fairytale. When we are looking on the advert in this context, the apple symbolizes that if you get the perfume, the prince is going to love you. In other words you are going to find love. This association came in my mind when I was looking on the advert.

The goal of almost every advert is to convince people about something. The goal of this particular advert is to convince people that they should buy this perfume, which leads to increase in selling the product which gives more money for the corporation. The advert has to make interest throughout the people so that they remember the advert and go to the shop to buy the perfume.The company wants to be remembered by the buyers. The easiest way to do that is to have plenty of adverts in all mediums.

If the buyers remember the advert, the sale is going to increase. There are plenty of adverts in the magazines and that�s why the companies outrun in doing the adverts in such a way that they catch the sight of the buyers. In the advert I am analyzing the company wants the buyers to buy their product which is the perfume. The companies use persuasive strategies to sell the product.There is bunch of persuasive strategies used in my advert. One of them is a promise. They promise in indirect way that if we are going to use this perfume we are going to be princesses and we are going to move into the magical world of the advert. The other thing is that the advert is eye-catching.

The princess on the advert is nice; she looks beautiful in long, rose dress with long curly hair. She does not have much make-up and she looks natural.They also use the magical word “NEW” in the slogan they have: “the new magical fragrance”. The slogan underlines the character of the advert.

They also show that if you buy this perfume you are going to be treated as a princess and you are going to be as nice as the model on the advert is. They use so called transference. The last one of the persuasive strategies that I have found is luxury. In my opinion it is the biggest one of them in the advert. The whole advert is in luxury climate.

It shows us a palace and the princess; everything looks expensive and gives us the expression of a luxury.The advert shows the world that does not exist but many of young women would like to be in. The advert shows a world where the beauty and wealth appears, and to get into this magical world you have to buy this perfume what is obviously a lie.

This advert is a good piece of work. Many young girls want to be treated as princesses so the advert does its role; it convinces that such a world exists. The advert is efficient among young female population.

It shows a world that everyone wants to be a part in. The symbol of apple refers to many things in plenty of cultures so in a multicultural world it is good to show such symbols. Every one of us has different background and when looking at the advert can have different associations.The advert gives us information about the product, that such a product exists and what company produces it. It shows us also that we should use this perfume to be nice and pretty. It has also a checking function.

It checks if we know anything about the symbol of apple, otherwise we are not going to understand what the message of the advert is.This advert shows us a world that does not exist or just a few can have this pleasure to be a part in such a world. I think that the advert does its job and stimulate young brains to buy this product to come in the world of luxury.


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