Advertisement Lie Essay

“People around the world know fast food as one of the most reliable distributors of disappointment ever produced by the business world. ” Fast food is a staple of modern American culture. You can find a fix on every street corner—McDonald’s, Burger King, White Castle, KFC, etc. –the list goes on and on. What started as a convenience—good tasting reasonably priced food made quickly for people one the go—turned out to be an egregious stain on modern culture responsible for nationwide obesity, heart disease, food addiction, and death. Fast food companies lie.

They lie about their health statistics, they lie about ingredients, they lie about how the food is prepared, and now it has been proven that they about what their food looks like. An ethical crime, but technically legal—fast Food establishments pump you up with colorful promises meant to entice, then when it comes time to deliver on those promises, the companies utterly fail to deliver. Any restaurant that serves hamburger goes out of its way to reassure you how pure and natural it is. Restaurant chains like McDonald’s and Taco Bell happily vouch for the authenticity of their animal bits.

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Their testaments to the healthiness and fullness of their meat read out like they were talking about freaking filet mignon. They invented a process where they pass the hamburger through a pipe where it is doused in ammonia gas, the harsh chemical that used in fertilizers and oven cleaners. Tobacco companies, for many years, used terms like “low tar”, “light”, “ultra-light”, “mild” or “natural” in order to imply that products with such labels had less detrimental effects on health, but in recent years it was proved that those terms were considered misleading.

The tobacco industry has had a long relationship with the entertainment industry. In silent era movies, back-lit smoke was often used by filmmakers to create sense of mystery and sensuality in a scene. Later, cigarettes were deliberately placed in the hands of Hollywood stars as an early phase of product placement, until health regulating body’s tightened rules on tobacco advertisement and anti-smoking groups pressured actors and studio executives against such tactics.

They used vivid images and examples to distract customers from the dangers of smoking and to focus on the fact that cigarettes are cool and available and *addictive* Many smokers have fallen prey to the lies that the leading tobacco industries want them to believe. Let’s shed some truth on the matter. Quitting is Hard The sad truth is this: quitting is only as hard as YOU make it. People who are quitting or have done so already often share horror stories about these terrible withdraw symptoms. In reality, the physical withdraw symptoms are either none, or a minor irritation at best.

What makes it hard for some people to quit is that they walk into quitting with the wrong frame of mind. They say “I’m giving up smoking” as if quitting is some type of sacrifice. A cigarette has NO benefits at all, so you won’t be “sacrificing” anything. These people have the mindset that they will be missing out, but in reality all a cigarette really does is poison your body. Smoking Helps Me Relax Because nicotine is a stimulant; and it is referred to as an “upper”. It enhances the activity of your central and peripheral nervous systems. It also increases your heart rate, and your blood pressure.

And before you misunderstand, the “enhancement” of these things, is not a good “enhancement”, as it does this by pumping toxins and poisons into your body. Smoking Gives Me an Energy Boost A cigarette is not all powerful. It cannot help you relax and give you energy at different times. It does not adjust or conform to your body’s needs. The simple truth here is this: Yes, a cigarette does give you an energy boost. And this energy boost last about thirty minutes after you smoke. However, if you weren’t a smoker, you would not require a “boost” in the first lace, as the nicotine in your cigarette is what is making you lethargic in the first place. Smoking Helps Me Concentrate Sadly, this is not true either. Let’s think about this for a moment. Smoking causes there to be less oxygen in your blood. Your blood flows through your body to deliver oxygen to every part of your body. When your blood is carrying less oxygen, obviously all the parts of your body are getting less oxygen. When your brain gets less oxygen than it needs, it can cause brain damage and memory loss. This does not help you to concentrate. Smoking Relieves My Stress Again, no.

When nicotine levels run low in your system, your body begins to have this nagging sensation of “something’s missing. When you light up your cigarette and take that first breath in, yes you feel less stressed. But, this stress was caused by the cigarette in the first place, and by filling your body with the awful chemicals, toxins, and poisons in that cigarette you have giving it what it craves, and relieved that drug induced stress. At least for an hour until the nicotine reared its head again. The ironic thing is, if you didn’t smoke, you wouldn’t feel that urge or that stress to begin with.


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