Are lifestyles like veganism actually bad for the environment?While various types of veganism have been practiced for years, many questions and concerns are still on the table.

Plenty of people wonder just how effective are lifestyles like veganism and vegetarianism, and how can it save humans and the planet in the long run.To start with, many people choose to live strict vegan lifestyles because of health reasons, environmental issues, and mainly to stop the killings of innocent animals. According to the organization “About 5% of the US is vegetarian (about 16 million people), about half of those are vegans; meaning about 7.5 million Americans abstain from all animal products”, which is very effective for many reasons.Meat production and raising animals for consumption has a very negative effect on the environment. According to PETA officials, 51% or more of global greenhouse-gas emissions are caused by animal agriculture which causes climate change.

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Animals raised for food in the U.S produce many times more excrement than does the human population of the country. And while factory farms are ruining our land, commercial fishing methods such as bottom trawling and long-lining often clear the ocean floor of all life and destroy coral reefs. Aside from environmental destruction, meat production has a toll on the human body. Vegan living often reduces the intake of saturated fat, animal hormones, and cholesterol while increasing the intake of fresh fruits and veggies. these changes can potentially reduce the risk of cancer, obesity, diabetes, and heart disease (DSDO).

While on the other hand, keeping meat in your diet can increase your risk for cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and osteoporosis. Many people disagree with being vegan and claim meat consumption is necessary to provide protein to the body, which is absolutely incorrect. Vegans can consume all of the needed protein from other foods and super fruits. for example, vegans can get calcium from broccoli, Chinese cabbage, and collard greens. And while Dairy might taste good, dairy products like milk have been found to contain hormones, puss, and cow antibiotics. Also food poisoning from meat is very high in the United states, Beef is the top chase of outbreaks (about 9%).


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