After analyzing the book Lord of the Flies

After analyzing the book Lord of the Flies, you start to recognize the theme. All the characters start out trying to survive and they start a civilization. A character named Jack starts to become less civilized and becomes more savage like. Which then starts a huge conflict and ends up with many dying. So we can see the main theme is Civilization vs Savagery.
One of the main character of the story is Ralph, and Ralph is the overall leader of the kids on this island in the middle of the open blue. His friend Jack didn’t like the idea of him being the leader and thought that he should be the leader. Jack ended up being a hunter and went looking for the “beast”. While Jack hunts and has this prideful attitude, he starts thinking less civilized and mire as a savage.
The main theme of the book Lord of the Flies is Civilization vs Savagery because the kids on this remote island changed into savages do to the lack of parent supervision and the constant fighting and killing.


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