After going through the documentary ‘Blood

After going through the documentary ‘Blood, Sweat and T-shirts’ I consider ‘sweatshops’ as an unfavourable term which is based on the working conditions that are dangerous. It can be seen clearly from the documentary that workers work very long hours in dangerous conditions and in return they are given a very low pay. Many big corporations in countries such as United States of America and United Kingdom use sweatshops labour in countries such as Bangladesh, India so that the corporations can make their products at lower price. In order to support themselves and their families financially the factory workers are forced to work longer duration of hours in dangerous working conditions. As per the German philosopher Immanuel Kant there was a greatest principle of morality and he referred it as The Categorical Imperative. Immanuel Kant therefor believed in the categorical imperative which requires us to act in a manner where we can justify our actions into a universal law. Kant’s ethical theory is based on three aspects which are means vs ends, universal acceptability and goodwill. When it comes to means vs ends which means it is not right to treat human beings as a means to an ends and human beings under all circumstances should be treated as an ends in themselves.


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