Ageing Population Essay

In this day and age, because of the success of economy and improvement of science and technology, people have been living longer than ever before. Concerning with this problem, a telegraph on 1st October, 2012 entitled “World faces ageing population time bomb says UN” was posted in order to provide the facts and forecasts about ageing population in the world and to recommend some ideas to deal with this problem.

In spite the fact that living longer is a great achievement of human beings, a rapidly ageing population also leads to difficulties for many countries in all over the world.A recent report estimated that the number of older people will increase significantly from 800 million to over one billion and in 2050, it will reach two billion. The article also goes deeply in Japan which has the most proportion of elderly (more than 30%) and Britain which is expected to be one of 64 countries will reach one-thirds of elderly by 2050. In addition, the article mentioned to old measure of government which aimed to meet old people’s needs like welfare, pension or health care system. Therefore, the development of economy has to face with many challenges. In order to overcome obstacles, it is proposed a ourse of action that people should encourage elderly to continuously contribute more for the country after retirement.

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In my opinion, I find out that the editors cites persuasive evidence and facts, forecasts are simplified and the article gives a revolutionizing solution for ageing population, but the implement would not be feasible. Also, I find it unacceptable to assert that old people are the burden of a nation because they are the cause of raising difficulties for economy. Firstly, about the facts and forecasts in the telegraph, I myself find it very convincing, they rove that ageing population is a phenomenon which is soaring remarkable. With up-to-dated and concrete statistics, the article gives audience an overview about population situation in all over the world. It gives the alarm about effects of ageing population on labor force. These statistics which the article shows are not only right for one or two countries, but they are also right for many countries. Let me take Vietnam for an example. According to a report of UNFPA in Vietnam, Vietnam is in the end of overpopulation with three specific characteristics: birth ate decreases, fatality rate decreases and life expectancy increases.

General statistics Office of Vietnam points out that the percentage of people older than 60 in Vietnam would reach 10% Page 2 by 2017; it means Vietnam will enter the stage of ageing population. After two decades later, the population of Vietnam will step into “old” stage when the index of ageing is expected to swell from 35. 5 in 2009 to over 100 by 2032, it forecast. (UNFPA, 07/2011). Therefore, I find that Vietnamese statistic also supports the article statement about the rapid growth of ageing population.

However, when the article suggests that older people are the burden of economy, it just goes too far. According to the article, people get older means that the government has to pay more for them like welfare, pension and health care system; as a result it leads to bad effects on the economic development. Although it asserts that the growth of elderly has raised many challenges for the development of a country, it did not give any specific statistic or evidence to demonstrate this opinion.

Moreover, from my own experience I find that claiming elderly are burden is an unproved accusation because their needs are very limited.Also, getting older does not mean they are useless; they are still a giant resource of experience and especially they are the spiritual support for their family. Aging population is not a burden but it will be a burden of economy and society if there is no preparation and implementation of strategies and policies for the adaptation In order to make ageing population not be a burden, the article recommended that older people should work more after their retirement.

I myself find it innovative and revolutionizing because allowing elderly more chances to work can ease the pension crisis.However, it might be not easy to implement. They did contribute during the time of their young life, so that when they get older they deserve to be rested. Moreover, at their later life, they do not have enough strength and perception to complete their job well. Also, it is hard to force old people work continuously because the happiness of elderly is enjoying the life with their family, having intimate relationship with friends. Therefore, the government had better find out different proposals to prevent the impacts of ageing population. For instance, in the UK, anti-age discrimination aws in employment came into force on 1 October 2006, following new EU laws to prevent discrimination on grounds of age.

It means they rise pension age in line with life expectancy rises. (MCDOUGALL, Rosamund, 2003). Another example is Japan. Japanese men usually work until age 69, more than 5 years compared with the developed countries in the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) and more than 10 years compared with men in France.

The retirement age of Japanese women is 67, more than 4 years compared with the Page 3 average retirement age of women in OECD countries. (H? I, Le, 2012).Also, educating young generations to care about their later life as soon as possible is also a good way. In conclusion, I am satisfied with the facts and forecasts in the article, and highly appropriate the idea which is exploiting “elderly” resource; however implement process of employing elderly is not easy.

The only thing I disagree with this telegraph is that they blame old people on creating difficulties for national economies. Anyway, ageing population is a great social achievement of human being’s and of many nations; so that people should take advantage from this in order to build and improve a more prosperous country.


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