Do you agree that it is better to have been born a man? Essay

Statistics show that women are about 50% of the worlds population.

Women do about 60% of the work in the world. Women sustain families and make an enormous contribution to domestic and national income.Women in the developing counties make a remarkable contribution to agricultural work animal husbandry and food processing. In contrast with North, Almost 40% of the work in the US, UK and Japan today is female.

Women are paid less for comparable work in the North and the South. Female workers are paid 25% less than male workers in the UK, 40% less in the US. Women on a whole earn 10% of the world’s income and own 1% of the worlds resources.

Illiteracy is a key factor obstructing women in the South. Two out of three women are illiterate. The illiteracy chasm is closely linked to other indicators of depravation such as malnutrition and poverty. In some orthodox Muslim states Women are bared from voting. It is difficult to avoid thinking oppression.It could be argued that men are faced with a lot of pressures from their background, society and social peers. For instance, arrange marriages. A man may not want to marry the lady in question but has little choice to do other wise because his family will disown him.

‘Prostitution’ a teenage boy is presented with a prostitute as a present from his friends for his birthday, he may not what to have intercourse with her but dose so out of fear of rejection from his peer group. In these scenarios the man is faced with pressure. The man dose what is expected of him and the women is on the receiving end of it. On the other hand some men think that women have got it easy all they have to do is be ‘a good house wife’. In cases of wealth this statement may be true.

Some men would have preferred to be born a woman because women can have children and show their feelings.In my conclusion the statistics show that men reap more than the sow. In that aspect one would be better off being a man, but I believe that men and women are just as important as each other. Woman’s problems are twin headed because women who want to better themselves often end up in the worst paid jobs or, where they break out of a stereotypical female work they are paid less for comparable work.On the other hand women could reap what they sow if they educated themselves, decreased birth rates and demanded fairness.

There their social status would hold one of equal power and therefor be seen and heard. The voice of women is increasingly being heard. It is one of peace, conservation, and human rights.


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