Aids Essay

AIDS is a disease that damages the immune system and interferes with a person’s ability to fight off disease.

It is most commonly transmitted sexually, but can also be transmitted through Infected blood exposure and through birth. Monoclonal. Com says “AIDS Is a chronic, potentially life-threatening condition” AIDS Is caused by the retrovirus HIVE, HIVE targets T-cells which are vital Immune system cells and without them It Is nearly Impossible to fight a common cold let alone a life threatening disease. AIDS can affect your body in many other ways then just destroying your immune yester.Women are mostly affected with other serious issues caused by the killer virus. It can affect women’s menstrual cycle, fertility, menopause, and also cause reproduction issues.

It also causes osteoporosis in both males and females. Most irregular period cases are because of a mixture between HIVE and a low CDC count, being the T-cells, but HIVE causes a loss of CDC cells so it isn’t uncommon. Also regular users of recreational drugs will more than likely experience unusual menstrual cycles if they are Infected with HIVE simultaneously.This side effect of AIDS can cause unusual spans of time between periods and cause to miss periods without pregnancy. HIVE also affects menopause and fertility by slowing down or stopping production of the hormones estrogen and progesterone. This can cause Inability to become pregnant and cause early menopause. Both of these disastrous effects of HIVE can be helped with HURT which is hormone replacement therapy.

This can help aid your T-cells to fight things like early menopause and irregular periods.Reproduction issues are very serious conditions including symptoms of lower stomach pain, vaginal discharge, sex cramps, internal pain, fever, vomiting, exhaustion, and unusual vaginal bleeding. Doctors recommend a regular cervical check up because if reproduction issues are caught early they can be treated very well. Osteoporosis is common in women who have been through menopause, but HIVE can cause it to males and females.

Osteoporosis Is weakening of a person’s bones due to loss of bone density. According to lads. Com “People with HIVE tend to have lower…

Nee density. It’s not entirely clear why this Is” Scientists believe It Is directly caused by HIVE and treatments. Healthy diet, exercise, and calcium vitamins can lower the loss of bone density. AIDS does not only target someone’s immune system, it can affect many other things as well. Unfortunately there is no cure for HIVE. Once you get it you have it for the rest of your life, but AIDS is not always fatal like people make it out to be.

Yes, a majority of the people die from it before they would’ve without it, but some people’s HIVE doesn’t kill them.Death by AIDS is a very invariable topic. Doctors and scientists can’t exactly find out why some die in a year and some live for twenty years. If a person with HIVE didn’t die of any other cause they would eventually die of AIDS though. Heavenliest. Scuffs.

Dude tells about treatments for HIVE “HIVE treatment does not cure HIVE… Outlook for people with HIVE has improved tremendously.

.. A person diagnosed at age 25 who receives good medical care Is estimated to live 40 more years.

” They are yet. Statistics show in 2012 around 1. Million people have been diagnosed with AIDS thin the United States. According to Unaided. Org “Number of people living with HIVE Total 35. 3 million” Statistics show that there are about 3.

3 million children 1 5 years and younger diagnosed worldwide with AIDS. They say around 1. 6 million people die a year because of this retrovirus. The extreme number of deaths is where it picked up the name The HIVE Epidemic.

There are many unheard of things that go along with HIVE. AIDS is most common in Africans Americans/ blacks. Homosexuals are also commonly infected with HIVE.Cdc. Ova states “Gay, bisexual, and other men who have sex with men (MS), particularly young black/African Americans MS, are most seriously affected by HIVE. ” Another thing that is a well known rumor but is actually backed by science is the idea of the disease coming from primates. Strands of HIVE-I and HIVE-2 are both linked back to primates. Also AIDS is a much scarier disease than many others because of its ability to infect you and kill you before you knew you had it.

Speaking of scary things about AIDS, people have been found trying to use it as a warfare tactic.There is a mutation found in Scandinavians called CAR-delta 32 that creates a strong resistance to AIDS. The earliest recorded case of AIDS was in 1959 found in humans in Congo.

Those are Just some unique and maybe unknown facts about AIDS/HIVE. AIDS is a very serious disease. Scientists have prioritize finding a cure right up there by cancer.

Although it is not always fatal it does produce many deaths, and in some cases it Just downright tortures people. This epidemic is very diverse but hopefully scientists soon break it down and find a general vaccine.


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