AIDS & HIV Sample Essay

AIDS means acquired immunodeficiency syndrome. AIDS is by from individual to individual. The disease attacks the immune system which is non strong plenty to contend this deathly disease. The AIDS disease has a figure of symptoms and conditions that come with it. HIV causes the disease AIDS. HIV means human immunodeficiency virus. A virus is a really little being that gets into a person’s organic structure and makes a disease. The virus HIV besides merely affects worlds. If person has been infected with AIDS they are called HIV positive or seropositive. HIV weakens a individuals immune system and causes the disease AIDS.

In order for the HIV virus to consequence a individual it must foremost come in the body’s blood stream and so get down to assail parts of the person’s immune system. HIV destroys cells called T4-lymphocytes and macrophage. These cells are white blood cells. White blood cells are really of import for contending infection in the body’s immune system. Cells are little but because an being of a virus is smaller it is able to populate interior of the cell. The HIV being reproduces by stoping to white cells transmittals for reproduction. Basically it tricks the cells to bring forth more of the HIV being alternatively of healthy white cells which fight infection. HIV will so destruct the cell in which it is populating in to travel to another cell. This will maintain go oning until the immune system is no longer able to contend against any disease or infection. HIV can so besides spread to the cardinal nervous system. This system includes the encephalon. spinal cord. and musculus motions. When the nervous system is infected it impairs vision. coordination. musculus control. and even the memory.

The HIV/AIDS viruses do non do decease by them egos. The pave the manner for other disease to infect and kill. The most common decease for people with AIDS is Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia and is besides called PCP. This disease is related to one tierce of all AIDS related deceases.

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To acquire HIV a individual pulp have sexual contact with person infected already or by sharing a contaminated acerate leaf that has come in contact with HIV or AIDS. HIV can be spread non merely by intercourse through the vagina but besides by sexual contact either orally or anally. A individual can besides contract AIDS from blood transfusion. A female parent is besides capable of go throughing the disease to her unborn kid. HIV can be found in blood. vaginal secernment. seeds. or can be contained in chest milk. Transmission by these methods are the most unsafe and contagious ways to acquire the virus.

The virus can besides be found in spit. cryings. and perspiration. However. the sums found in these bodily fluids are so low that having AIDS is virtually impossible. A individual and non have the AIDS virus by utilizing the same bathroom or by sharing silverware. No one individual can acquire AIDS by sharing nutrient or drinks either. this is because AIDS can non populate in the air. The virus can merely populate in the blood stream. Touching a individual with AIDS will non acquire you the disease either. The lone manner a individual can acquire AIDS by touching person is if they have a cut or sore that comes into direct contact with the persons’ bodily fluid that is infected.

Where AIDS began is non wholly known to anyone. Some scientist do nevertheless propose that AIDS originated in Africa. The first instance in the United States was diagnosed in 1981 on the West Coast. When AIDS was foremost discovered they called the disease GRID. Gay Related Immune Deficiency. This is because all of the instances at that clip were gay related.

A individual can be can be infected with HIV and non be cognizant of it for many old ages. The lone manner to be wholly certain that you do non hold AIDS is to be tested if you have participated in any type of hazardous behaviour. Peoples are able to acquire a blood trial that will demo the presence of HIV. If the presence is shown the physicians will state you that you are HIV positive. There is no trial nevertheless for AIDS merely tests that can observe the virus that causes AIDS. The trial to find HIV is a secretiveness to everyone except you self. Permission by a parent is non needed and any age degrees are allowed to have the trial. Depending on the sort of trial preformed a individual that is in fact infected by HIV might be able to happen out he or she has been infected for. Testing for the most portion is normally free. The trial can find if HIV is present every bit early as six hebdomads after infection. Many people besides choose to travel to centres that do anon. proving that manner a name is ne’er given so no 1 will of all time happen out that they had went and gotten tested. There are several different types of trial that can find if a individual has HIV or non.

The trials used to find HIV are antibody trials such as ELISA trial and Western smudge trial. Two other types of trials are antigen trial. and a viral civilization. Antibody testing is the most common type of trial. Blood is tested to look into for antibodies to the AIDS virus. These antibodies are produced when the immune systems recognizes it has been taken over by the HIV virus. ELISA stands for enzyme-linked immunosorbent check. This antibody trial is used in most HIV trials. The Wester smudge trial is besides another antibody trial that indicated protein of the HIV virus. The difference between the two is that the Western smudge is more specific than the ELISA trial and that it besides more hard and more expensive to preform therefore it is used less frequently than the ELISA. The antigen trial is used merely after a positive reading of the antibody trials have been determined. This trial is fundamentally used to duplicate cheque. This trial really tests the HIV virus itself and non merely the antibodies of the virus. It can normally besides tell what Stage the virus is in. A viral civilization is a trial that scientist usage after the two other trials have been run. They use this civilization to assist turn HIV from a sample of the septic individuals bodily fluid. It is fundamentally used to see how the virus works and to seek and acquire a better expression at the AIDS virus.

Treatment for the virus is different from individual to individual because people are non likewise. Because people are different the diseases patterned advance in each individual is different besides. Doctor will make many trials to find what types of interventions are best for each single individual. There are many different sorts of drugs used to handle HIV and AIDS that are used in combination with one another. Nucleoside analogs. peptidase inhibitor. and non-nucleoside contrary RNA polymerase inhibitors are most frequently the combination of drugs given to patients as intervention. Each medicine is different but they all fundamentally work in the same manner. they help maintain the T-helper cells strong. If these cells are strong it can maintain the figure of them above 200. Some nucleoside parallels are AZT. Videx. Epivir. and Zerit. Invirase. Norvir. and Fortovase are all protease inhibitors. Non-nucleoside contrary RNA polymerase inhibitors are Viramune and Rescriptor. All of these methods of interventions are highly strong and powerful and a individual utilizing these drugs should follow physicians orders precisely.

Peoples should retrieve that this disease effects many people and there is no ground to be scared of it if proper safeguards are taken. Always where a rubber before holding sex it is the best manner to forestall from acquiring the disease aside from abstention. If a individual uses endovenous acerate leafs he or shoe should do certain that they either have a new clean acerate leaf or sterilise the acerate leaf that they are be aftering on utilizing. For all of the female parent take attention of yourself and your unborn kids. If you follow all of the physicians instructions on what to make and make non breast feed your kid may be able to turn over the disease. Everyone should be safe but do non know apart others that have the virus because they are worlds excessively. A individual can non acquire HIV by being nice to person. The lone manner the disease can be contracted is by direct contact from bodily fluid to bodily fluid.


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