Global strategy of airtime Essay

Project Report 1. Executive Summary Birth Airtime (BAL) is a leading global telecommunications company with operations in 20 countries across Asia and Africa. Birth airtime has more than 269 million customers and revenue of more than INNER Bonn. Birth arête’s product and services portfolio includes mobile services, home phones, broadband, calling cards, DOTH, PIPIT, MILS Services, satellite services, data transport solutions and conferencing services. Birth airtime is now the world’s fourth largest integrated tells in terms of customer base.

In the last three years alone – Birth airtime won the trust of 100 million new customers. It’s said that today Airtime has Joined an elite club of global brands by making it to this year’s 100 Most Valuable Global Brands list. Highlights for the full year ended March 31, 2013 as published in the annual report are as follows- * Consolidated total revenues at INNER 80,311 chore, up by 12. 4% Y-o-Y. * Africa revenues at.

Over the past few years one sees the global strategy of Airtime shaping up similar to that of its competitors here instead of simply selling network capacity, they are adopting newer models to engage their carrier partners in managed services. The company’s flexibility in quickly adopting newer models, be it the ownership model or managed capacity or interconnecting through different cable assets where they Jointly go out and offer services, carrying someone else’s AS number on their network, transfer the content of CDC operators around the world and so on continues to give the company an edge over others.

Up till 2009 Birth-Airtime had invested more than IIS$500 million into its worldwide infrastructure, including a number of new cable systems. Arête’s network consists of SWAM, iii- which fully owned, and a couple more. The uniqueness of what the company brings into the market are new cable assets that take three different paths and a strong capacity to deliver IP traffic anywhere in the world.

In addition to the global backbone, Birth-Airtime has also invested in building its backchat in key markets such as Singapore, Hong Kong, and Japan, as well as Europe, to facilitate access into its wholesale network. In addition, Birth-Airtime is also extending its fiber network over terrestrial routes to its neighbors like Pakistan, Nepal, Bhutan and another route to China and Bangladesh making India the hub for all these neighboring countries. However, the company is adamant that it won’t be entering the retail business of serving enterprise clients outside its home market.

Their retail and global companies who have large infrastructure expansion plans in India. Table of Contents 1. Executive Summary 2 2. Company History 4 3. Indian Telecoms Sector 6 Indian Telecoms going global 7 3. 1. 4. Journey of Birth Tell-ventures Limited Early years 8 4. 1. 4. . Growth phase 8 4. 3. Current scenario 9 5. Course of globalization 11 5. 1. Global challenges 12 5. 2. Opportunities 14 6. The Model 16 6. 1. Market Drivers 16 6. 2. Cost Drivers 16 6. 3. Competitive drivers 17 6. 4. Government Drivers 17 7. Way forward for Airtime 18 8. Appendices 9. References 20 2.


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