Non-financial companies in different country Essay

Who give music to the song “Sara Johan SE ACH” ? Answer: Pundit Rave Shank 3. Which is the worlds oldest news agency ? Answer: APP (Agency France Presses) 4. What is the chemical name of Tear Gas ? Answer: Chlorofluorocarbon 5. Which is the only hobby recognized by the United Nations ? Answer: Ham Radio 6. What is the national flower of Pakistan ? Answer: Jasmine 7. What is the scientific name of Cockroach ? Answer: Peritoneal Americana 8.

What is the unit of luminous intensity ? Answer: Candela 9. Who is the winner of 2012 Us open men’s title ? Answer: Andy Murray 10. Who is the winner of 2012 Us open women’s title ? Answer: Serene Williams 1 1 . Which famous writer is known as Father of Snow Golf ? Answer: Rudyard Kipling 12. How many Schedules are there in the Indian Constitution ? Answer: 12 13. Which planet is known as Red planet ? Answer: Mars 14. Which European countries are separated by Market Reef? Answer: Finland and Sweden 15. Who is the author of Penchant ?

Answer: Vishnu Sahara 16 which is the coldest planet in solar system ? Answer: Neptune 17. The Rosella Steel Plant in Odious was built with the collaboration of Answer: Germany 18. The Durra Steel Plant in West Bengal was built with the collaboration of ? Answer: Britain 19. The Bail Steel Plant in Chastiser was built with the collaboration of Answer: Russia 20. Who is the first and only Muslim lady ever to rule the throne of Delhi ? Answer: Razor Sultana 21 . Who composed the national anthem of Bangladesh (Mar soon bangle) ?

Answer: Arbitrating Étagère 22. Who wrote the book Planned economy for India ? Answer: M. Viscerally (He is known as father of Indian planning, his birthday September 15 is observed as Engineer’s Day in India ) 23. Which is the oldest sports in the world ? Answer: Archery ( It is the national sports of Bhutan) 24. What is the normal duration of Hockey game ? Answer: 70 Minuets 25. Which Minor Rock Edict of Soak describes the conquest of Galling by Soak ? Answer: No. XIII (13) * 26. Who is the author of Joy of Numbers ? Answer: Smalltalk Divide * 27.

Who is the creator of the painting The Potato Eaters ? Answer: Vincent van Gogh *28. Filleting is the parliament of which country ? Answer: Denmark * 29. What s the chemical name of Lime stone ? Answer: Calcium Carbonate * 30. Zero degree centigrade equal to degree Fahrenheit? Answer: 32 Important questions for to enhance General awareness knowledge 2013: In Indian’s thirst sale to rupee perpetual bonds by a non-tolerance company core ($332 million) was raised. Name the non-finance company. (A) -rata steel (B) pantaloons Retail (C) RILL (D)Marti Suzuki 2.


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