Alan Mulally a Motivational Manager Essay

Alan Manually is responsible for these and many other accomplishments. He Joined the ranks of Ford in September 2006, obviously a very tumultuous for a number of our automotive companies. Background Born, Alan Roger Manually on August 4, 1945 to Charles Manually and Lignite Clark in Oakland California. Note: he turned 58 during the writing of this paper. ) He grew up in Lawrence, Kansas his mother’s home town. He considered his minister, the Rev. Dale Turner, “a mentor and inspiration” from whom he learned some motivational techniques by studying the man himself when he was on the pulpit. He graduated from the University of Kansas with a Bachelor of Science and his Master of Science in aeronautical and astronautically engineering minion when he directly went to work in Seattle as a Boeing engineer where he would remain till 2006.

He attended MIT Sloan School of management and obtained a Masters in Management in 1982. Career Experiences During his career with Boeing he worked as an engineer and led numerous aerogram management projects, eventually being named Vice President of Engineering and numerous other positions. Prior to his Joining Ford, Mr.. Manually “served as executive vice president of The Boeing Company, and president of Boeing Commercial Airplanes. In that role, he was responsible for all of the company’s commercial airplane programs and related services.

Manually also was a member of the Boeing Executive Council and served as Boeing’s senior executive in the Pacific Northwest” (Ford, 2 He was passed over tort CEO in 2005 When Boeing passed over Alan Manually for CEO it opened the door for Ford. Management Style Mr.. Manually is known for elevating Boeing CEO Phil Conduit’s “Working Together” philosophy. What is that philosophy? When it came to developing the 777 he identified it would take a new approach: a lot of people and a lot of people working together to get it accomplished. To quote Mr.. Condition, “We began by creating a mission.

Our mission statement became: Working Together to produce the preferred new airplane. First, two key words, “Working Together. ” We said, “Let’s invite our customers in; let’s create teams to design and build our new airplane family; let’s all work together” (Condition, P. , 1997). “Mr. Manually gives hugs, and meaner it. He is a sort of “demanding cheerleader”, a boss you want to do your best to please, no blame-thrower but no soft touch either. He has swept aside a culture of politicking and back-covering among Ford executives by making it possible for them to own up to problems” (The Economist, 2013).

He has developed a leadership team that has been “working to guide a team of skilled and motivated professionals from a variety of disciplines and backgrounds in the delivery of the ONE Ford plan” (Ford, 2013). “One Ford” is shorthand for reining in Ford’s global operations and getting them all working on the same agenda. In his own words one of his focuses has been to establish a performance management system that works on employee development where every employee feels respected, safe and can still continue to have integrated family lives.

He has the ability to inspire personal loyalty, due to his transparent and open management style, he also manages by example. With no prior connection to Michigan he lives within three miles of the headquarters in Dearborn, arriving at his office by 051 5 every morning and working twelve hours every day. Every Thursday at 0700 he holds a business process review meeting with the executives who are expected to provide unflinching updates of their operations in that meeting with all of their colleagues.

It has been reported that he also transformed a collection of regional fiefdoms into a truly global organization, which has yielded big cost savings for Ford. He is currently working to fix the European market and that of Asia. Alan Manually and Bill Ford, Ford’s Chairman of the Board have made Ford “a business school case study of strategic long-term management transitions” (The Economist, 2013). Alan Manually, has announced he will stay on the Job and in Dearborn through 2014, when he will be 69 years old.

Mark Fields, who had been running North and South America, has been promoted up to chief operating officer, which has been interpreted as positioning him to succeed Alan Manually, when he does decide to retire from Ford. Mark Fields has also emulated Alan Malady’s signature management innovation at Ford. Alan Manually has been described as “an alpha engineer and forceful salesman a compelling leader esteemed by his peers” (Guilford, D. , 2013). He,will probably be remembered for bringing Ford back to health without shedding its liabilities in a bankruptcy or being taken over by the government like other American automakers.

At a crucial time, Manually instilled a clear focus on making Ford brand vehicles world- class again. Reading the story of Boeing, it’s not hard to see the source of Mr.. Malady’s vision. “Throughout his career, Alan Manually “has been recognized tort his contributions and industry leadership, including being named “Businessperson of the Year” by the readers of Fortune magazine, “Industry Leader of the Year” by Automotive News magazine, one of “The World’s Most Influential People”.


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