Alcohol is the most commonly and highly abused drug in the world

Alcohol is the most commonly and highly abused drug in the world. In the United States 17.6 million people suffer from alcohol addiction. An estimated 1.09 million people battle with alcohol abuse in Japan, according to a survey conducted by a health ministry research team. Alcohol addiction is a chronic disease, accompanied by increased compulsion to drink and impaired control over drinking that interferes with health and social behavior. While alcohol makes you feel good, it can quickly become fatal. Over 100,000 Americans die as a result of alcohol abuse. Alcohol also plays a major role in half of the homicides, suicides and traffic deaths in the United States. According to Texas Department of Driving Safety it is estimated that alcohol causes 30% of automobile fatalities in the United States. Alcohol addiction effects more people than just the alcoholic.
In some cultures alcohol is used as a form of celebration. In the US it is frowned upon for children to drink alcohol. Whereas, children in France, Italy, and Spain are given wine as part of a meal or celebration often. Drinking in all cultures, is a part of social activity. Most societies have designated environments for drinking and age regulations. In some cultures no only is it frowned upon for the underage to drink, it is also frowned upon for women to drink. In the cultures where men are only allowed to drink it is due to the more pronounced effect that alcohol has on women than it does on men.


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