Alex Rider Scopion Rising Essay

One bullet.

One life. The end starts here. The book I will be presenting and exploring a theme of is Scorpio Rising, the last book in the Alex Rider series. This book and the series by Anthony Horopito are for young teens.

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In Scorpio Rising, Scorpio is trying to turn Alex Rider, the main character into a traitor against MOM, Britain’s top-secret intelligence agency. I think the main theme is with every bad thing there is a good side, but with every good thing there is a bad side. So let’s break this main theme into pieces.A bad thing – *quote*. In this scene of the book, Ale’s caretaker and lifelong friend, Jack Starlight, is killed by unknowingly sitting on 30 pounds of explosives in a car. The good side – *quote*. In this scene, Alex killed a clone of him named Julius.

This clone has been dreaming for more than a year to kill Alex and was one of the people who contributed in killing Jack. By killing this clone, Alex has only killed one of the enemies. But killing something is better than nothing in this case.A good thing would e that Alex has saved so many people and countries from destruction so maybe being a spy wasn’t so bad after all but the bad side is that he found and lost a best friend causing a lot of emotional pain and he now has to carry a life-time of memories. *quote* So let me ask you one question: How much would you do for something that you want? Keep in mind that with every bad thing there is a good side, but with every good thing there is a bad side cause who said life was fair? Especially not to Alex.


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