All education should be free for all people and paid for by the government

All education should be free for all people and paid for by the government. This particular statement has caused some controversy in many countries over the past decade.
Education should be free for many reasons, most common reason people usually claim is that there are poor people with intelligence and is capable of learning and pursuing an education. If you weren’t given the chance of an education, how would you feel? Another popular argument is that the economic is always developing, giving people with an education an opportunity to seek a career path and live a higher standard life.
The last reason we should strive for free education is economic growth. If you have a degree, you will get paid more. Getting a well-paid job isn’t just about making lots of money; it’s also about people contributing more to society by paying taxes. If everyone earns well and becomes taxpayers, the country will eventually improve.
We should all fight for free education due to the fact that it is every person’s right to earn an education, to be able to make money, and we have every right to have the chance to improve our lives.


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