All-Natural Insecticide Essay

Insects are one of the big problems in most households in the Philippines. They are pestering the land of vertebrates for millions of years. Commercial insecticides are either too harmful to both man and the environment or too expensive for the consumers. The purpose of this study is to create an environmental-friendly, safe, cheap, and effective insecticide that can compete with the commercial ones. The mixture of the extracts of chill pepper, cacao leaves, lemon grass, garlic, and olive oil will be our finish product.It is very helpful and cheap because you can find all the trials in our kitchen and in our community.

This study also gives importance to the ingredients not only to be as food spices but also to create an effective insect repellent/ killer. . Background of the Study We have chosen this investigatory project because of our main purpose to help our country regarding the insects that brings deceases and causes death to our fellow Filipinos. It is important to prevent insects especially the mosquitoes that bring dengue and one of the causes of death of some people in our community.

There are there who done this studies but we applied some innovations to the materials that we used. From the previous studies that we found, we changed some of the ingredients that are needed for our study because we want to come up with a more effective one. The study will help improving ones way of living and his/her quality of life. B. Statement of the Problem and Objectives This study aims to determine the effectiveness of the said insecticides with the use of natural ingredients that can be found in our kitchen and in our society. The study will answer the following questions: 1.

Does the said all-natural insecticide is cheaper than the commercial ones? 2. Will this insecticide can affect the health/kill the person who accidentally who took it and is it safe to the environment? 3. Will it result to an effective insecticide and can compete to the commercial ones? C. Significance of the Project The results of the study will be very significant and important to our country to improve quality of life because through this people will be keep away from deceases that can cause death to everyone.

D. Delimitation/Limitations of the Study All-Natural Insecticide By reengages


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