”All Quiet on the Western Front” by Erich Maria Remarque. Sample Essay

The most powerful and meaningful subject displayed throughout this novel is the subject of chumminess. No affair of which individual you speak of. there is ever person who needs a friend by there side when things in life get intolerable. Friendship is the strongest bond any group of people can portion.

and Paul Baumer is non a individual to object to that. He is a male child that needs his friends to assist him last in World War I. In the novel of All Quiet on the Western Front.

chumminess proves itself to be the most prevalent connexion between people.The storyteller of this narrative is a immature German adolescent that was manipulated into enlisting in the ground forces in World War I. The new soldier begins his narrative with his friends by his side. and as the war progresses. he loses them all. When Paul is offered to return place for a short twosome hebdomads. he jumps at the chance. However.

during the continuance of his stay. he has an epiphany about his life. He realizes that he should hold ne’er gone place to his deceasing female parent and the remainder of his household. Paul’s disclosure is that his existent household is the people that were by his side throughout the war- his companions.Paul’s friends in World War I helped him excessively. They helped him in ways that a household would assist each other. All twenty-four hours long they would protect each other and do certain that no 1 would acquire hurt.

When a adult male would acquire wounded. they took attention of him and physically carry him to safety. In the man’s dieing hours. his friend’s would take any notes or letters that he may hold for his household. Even when they were on their deathbeds. the work forces would still see the wellbeing of each other by passing down their combat boots to the following companion. So even though a adult male would be in the worst place. he would still take into consideration the others around him.

For Paul. his friendly relationship with his war brothers was what kept him alive. He was a cat that felt like he had perfectly nil to travel place to and that war was the lone topographic point that he could truly call “home” . The war was what he was now accustomed to and was the lone thing that understood him. His friends in the war with him were the lone 1s who could truly grok what he went through. When his friends died. a piece of him died with them.

In this novel. chumminess proves itself to be the strongest facet in the whole. When Paul’s concluding resting twenty-four hours came. he had a smiling on his face because he knew it was his clip to travel.

All his friends died and he didn’t desire to travel back place as a doomed cause. Paul’s narrative tells a narrative about how war can convey together a group of cats and organize a bond that can ne’er be broken- even through decease. The companions helped each other through the toughest clip of their lives and were proud to contend along side each other.


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