Although I started my career as an accountant after graduation

Although I started my career as an accountant after graduation, I wanted to gain more knowledge about the digital world of games and 3D animation films and how they are created. I had a dream that one day I can create such characters. Hence I took the initiative to self-study through online tutorials. Now, I am skilled in many programs, including Photoshop, Cinema 4D, and After Effects. My first freelance attempt was when I created a TV Promo for MESAT Coptic Channel which was a hit. I worked as a graphic designer in ICFLIX branch in Cairo where I was asked to create a film poster for the company’s first Arabic movie production entitled HIV in a competition between Cairo office and Dubai Head Office. My poster was nominated as the best poster for the film and was released in 2014.
I excel at drawing and painting. Therefore, I joined the Institute of Coptic Studies to study the Art of Coptic Icons. I participated with my paintings in three Coptic Art Exhibitions held by the Institute. I work now at Koogi; a TV Channel for kids, to expand my skills in digital drawing and painting. I spend hours after work to learn more about the techniques of digital painting and sculpting using ZBrush. During my work in Koogi, I worked on a cartoon program for kids called Ziko. I suggested to the Art Director creating a 2D game to be promoted by the channel as I was greatly influenced by Rayman game, created by Michel Ancel. I took the challenge to learn how to make the game and independently learned how to design it with some helping programs without the need for coding. I created a demo version for the game and presented it to the Art Director who happily approved it.
My interest in games led me to self-learn a Unity game engine program that has recently been used in movies to save time as it provides real time rendering. Meanwhile, the channel was producing a short stop motion movie and we had the challenge that it should be on screen by Easter but we didn’t have the time to finalize it within the deadline using clay materials. Therefore, I suggested making the complicated 3D shots by Unity game engine as it saves time using real time rendering. The whole team was astonished by the high quality of rendering and we were able to add extra shots to the movie; the movie was on screen on time.
At work we were asked to finalize a short cartoon project ahead of the deadline. I took the initiative to prepare a sheet with the name of each team member and specified tasks with deadlines. I encouraged the team to work together to finalize the project by sticking to the deadline. We succeeded to meet the deadline and the project was carried out. Since then, I became the one responsible for distributing the tasks on the team and I was promoted to be the Supervisor. I have also volunteered to discover children’s talents in drawing and painting, as well as developing their skills. I give drawing and painting courses to children whose age is between six and twelve.
In my spare time, I like to learn about the new contributions in the field of 3D games and movies. I browse ArtStation website to keep up and stay inspired by the work of other professional artists. I encourage my friends in digital painting to join me and attend art festivals like CairoComix Festival held by the American University in Cairo to meet professionals in the field to know their new achievements. It gives me great pleasure to meet people sharing the same interests and speaking the same language in our world of digital art.
Creating worlds of 3D characters and environment is my main aspiration in life. It is going to be a leaping point in my career.This program will provide me with a unique opportunity to further develop my practical skills in 3D modelling and digital sculpting for films and games. This study will help me to be professional in my work and to achieve my dream of being a professional digital 3D character and environment artist for games and films.


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