Alvaro, Andrea Ysabelle M. October 12, 2018
Physical Activity can undeniably improve your health and lifestyle as many research studies confirmed its benefits including the reduction of risk of developing several diseases, such as obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and Alzheimer’s. I totally agree with the video presented since I have several experiences regarding the contribution of physical activity in improving my lifestyle. Back when I was in Junior High School, our Physical Education class is scheduled Monday-Wednesday-Friday. Due to this, I felt unhappy because I consider myself as a non-sporty person, but as time passed by, I observed some changes in my body. Before, I was always absent-minded and felt tired even if I didn’t do heavy tasks maybe because of the hectic schedule I have and the multiple deadlines in my academic endeavors, however, my Physical Education class helped me to balance out my academic life and personal life wherein I can say that the tasks that were given to me during our class improved my ability to focus and my time management skills. Therefore, I deduced that Physical Activities are not just limited to sporty people who wants to get fit and tone their muscles but can also be done by those non-sporty people who wants to achieve physical wellness through improving their lifestyle.


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