Aman Resorts Essay

Aman Resorts operates at 26 alone locations all over the universe. portraying “peace. uniqueness and family” . It targets high net worth persons who like to be out of their normal life style and bask their household clip relaxed and otherwise.

off from the force per unit areas of work. Aman Resorts are located in choice placid locations and supply a really alone and localised experience. Such singularity is the cardinal competitory advantage against other resorts.

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which helps it to retain a batch of its loyal repetition clients. In add-on to the above singularity. Aman Resorts does an first-class occupation at making value merely by listening to its clients.Customers like to be treated as persons and bask how they are looked after. whether it’s the driver taking them to locations that would most involvement them or to carrying the electric refrigerator with the clients preferable drinks. While this seems like common sense.

clients will prefer to travel to Aman Resorts. and pay the premium for traveling at that place. even though their suites are simpler and more expensive than other resorts such as the Four Seasons.The individualized service further reinforces the taking place in its competition against other resorts. Aman doesn’t have more than 40 suites on norm at each location and no two resorts are likewise. even if they are in the same state.

which helps Aman command a premium monetary value and helps place itself as a premium trade name. Meanwhile. Aman Resorts sustains its trade name power and relies to a great extent on word of oral cavity and on-line selling to its loyal patronage. aversive to traditional agencies of advertisement and supplying price reductions.However. larning more about the client could theoretically be done by any hotel based on what information is being gathered.

If a hotel concatenation notices that you ever drink Diet Coke out of the mini electric refrigerator. for illustration. they can do certain that when you stay the electric refrigerator is stocked.

While this would be impractical for motels and low to middle end hotels. this would surely be good for hotels and resorts in the same class as Aman such as the Four Seasons or Ritz-Carlton. which could supply individualized service in add-on to modern comfortss.We have listed two possible challenges to the Aman theoretical account. The first challenge is from possible clients in emerging markets.

China is a immense market for Aman. In China. people used to populate in a really simple and natural life. However. as the economic system has exponentially grown in the last 30 old ages. many people have acquired an increasing sum of disposable income and are in greater demand of particular topographic points for their holiday and leisure. Aman is doubtless a great topographic point for them. However.

the thought of simplified life style may non be attractive to clients from emerging markets like China and others in the remainder of Asia. That’s why some clients even complained that there wasn’t even a Television in the room or wireless cyberspace at some Aman locations. when all the other luxury hotels in the country offer those as standard comfortss for much lower room rates.We suggest that Aman supply luxury comfortss.

all right dining. and technological equipment and services to Chinese clients. Currently. Aman has merely one resort in Beijing. China. Aman can happen more great topographic points in the West of China.

where there are great and alone positions. By and large talking. Aman can better on some of the Spartan offerings in some of its locations by supplying telecasting.

cyberspace services and other modern comfortss to clients who prefer holding them while remaining at their resorts. It could besides standardise some of the indispensable offerings that a bulk of its clients have requested across all its resorts. to maximise trueness and grasp among them.The 2nd challenge Aman faces is from viing resorts in the country. An independant company or an bing resort can ever make a new resort concatenation that offers similar services to Aman with respects to beautiful locations and attending to client service and undercut Aman on monetary value. While it may take them a piece to catch up to Aman’s position.

they could theoretically offer the same services in different locations.


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