America – Land of the free Sample Essay

America. land of the free. America. a state based in many ways on the freedom of imperativeness. and the freedom of address. But what would go on to this great state. Ti of thee. if these cherished rights had ceased to be? America. the land of autonomy and place of the brave. would keep a great stock of uninformed and uneducated community. ready to lift up to anarchy at any minute ; a crowd of undiverse and ununified people ; and a population of psyches unwilling to make because of the of all time looming presence of large brother.

Without the first amendment. America would be uneducated and uninformed. It is customary for most people to wake up every forenoon to their day-to-day paper. But. in a society without freedom of the imperativeness. people would wake up to an altered paper giving merely half of the existent narrative. The common mundane magazine would transport a deformed position on all the issues it covers. and the 6 o’clock intelligence would hold a show tailored to specifications given by the authorities. In schools across the state. kids would larn merely what the authorities would let them to. All of these factors combined would make a society that wouldn’t know if they could truly swear their authorities. In a state of affairs like this. America’s authorities could make up one’s mind non to even let the imperativeness to cognize that they were traveling to occupy Iraq. The authorities would besides hold such a tight clasp on all of the people. that they could carry the state in any way they want without any one holding a hint of what is truly traveling on. This can do confusion amongst a people. ensuing in an rebellion. such as the awful incident in Tienamenh Square.

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Because America acknowledges the freedom of imperativeness and address. our state has become really diverse in it’s civilization. Diverseness in a society is of import to make unity amongst groups of people. If a state restricts diverseness. the public will bring forth ginger bread work forces out of the same cooky cutter. coevals after coevals. This will normally decelerate down the productiveness in a state unless criterions are unbroken really high in the industry. and the people have a strong desire to vie with the remainder of the universe. A good illustration of a goaded state would be Japan. But because so much energy is exhausted developing the immature people into automatons. Japan’s diverseness is strongly missing. Our state would be precisely the same if we didn’t have the freedom of address and imperativeness. because the nation’s mentality would be focused on going portion of the God in the machine alternatively of detecting and making new civilizations. Without the first amendment we would stand as the United States of industry. and the crumbs of diverseness.

Life is sustained. created. and spread throughout by agencies of creativeness. inventiveness. and love. If our civil rights were barred from our community. the sires of America likely would hold ne’er entered an age of innovation ; everybody. imaginative or non. would be excessively afraid of having resistance from the authorities for making something new and different. This in bend would maintain of import innovations and Hagiographas from being created. Take. for illustration. our mean eighteenth century Joe Shmoe. Joe has merely created a great new manner to bring around grippe by inoculating the patient with the serum of a donkey. Joe has a job though ; he needs to acquire his thought out to other physicians to do certain this inoculation truly works. Joe decides to travel to the medical diary printing office and hold his inoculation printed for all of America’s scientists to see.

The line stops here though. for the authorities has to O.K. everything that goes through this peculiar paper. The authorities decides that his thought is excessively extremist and eldritch for the diary. so it is torn up and thrown into the rubbish ; a great thought forgotten everlastingly. Joe decides that his calling is ruined so he takes up farming for the remainder of his life. It merely so happens that a bad strain of the grippe comes singing along that winter. and 500 people are killed by it. This could hold been prevented. but because of the narrowness of the authorities. Joe’s vaccinum ne’er even got a opportunity to salvage one individual. It is in this and other ways that freedom of address and imperativeness can assist supply us with the life prolonging energy that we need to last.

America is a singular state held up by the pillars of freedom of address and imperativeness. And although some grey countries. such as censoring. still remain to be challenged. we can safely state that none of this is greatly set uping our freedoms which we hold so in a heartfelt way. Hopefully America will ever stay the place of the brave. and the land of the free.


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