American Education System – Decentralized Organization Sample Essay

In the United States. instruction is offered at all degrees from prekindergarten to graduate school. Elementary and secondary instruction involves twelve old ages of schooling the successful completion of which leads to a high school sheepskin. A distinguishable characteristic of the American educational system is its decentralised organisation. Elementary and secondary instruction is financially supported by three degrees of authorities – local. province. and federal. Furthermore. it is divided into public and private establishments. The chief disadvantage of the decentalisation is the quality of instruction received by the pupils. On the other manus. a existent asset to the thought is the fact that non all pupils are concentrated on the same subjects of survey. which allows each pupil to specialise in a certain field.

In theory. duty for runing the public instruction system in the US is local. In fact. much of the local control has been superseded. and province statute law controls financing methods. academic criterions. and policy and course of study guidelines. Because public instruction is individually developed within each province. fluctuations exist from one province to another. The chief advantage to this is that it allows pupils to detect their involvements. For case. if a province requires that a pupil must take three old ages of chemical science or three old ages of natural philosophies. the pupil may take one of those topics and specialise in it. This in some manner will assist the student choose a college major and possibly a bearer.

A definite disadvantage to the decentralized system is the local school territories. Local school territories frequently levy belongings revenue enhancements. which are the major beginning of funding for the public school systems. One of the jobs that arises because of the heavy trust on the local belongings revenue enhancement is a disparity in the quality of instruction received by the pupils. Rich communities can afford to pay more per pupil than poorer communities ; accordingly. the disparity in wealth affects the quality of instruction received.

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Until good into the nineteenth century. most pupils attended private schools. Then. in the decennaries before the American Civil War. a passage took topographic point from private to public school instruction. This passage was to supply kids of all categories with a free instruction. The thought of private schools nevertheless has a definite advantage in supplying high quality instruction for those who can afford it. Its purpose is to make persons good prepared for today’s competitory occupation market.

Even though the US instruction system has been long criticized. is seems to be working or either the United States would non be the most powerful and civilised state in the universe. The thought of decentralised instruction can be debated upon in many of its facets. However. up to now it has been proven to work in many ways. some of which are. supplying a various pupil organic structure and high quality instruction for those who can afford it. Of class as every other construction it has its disadvantages one of which is that public schools provide lower quality instruction for pupils from poorer households.


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