American Films and Hero Essay

My Hero What is a hero? To me a hero is not somebody with the ability to fly, run fast, bench over a 1000, shoot lasers out of their eyes, fart fire balls, pee lava, or control other people’s minds. Mine isn’t found in the comic section of the newspaper, he is found at home. Who could this hero be? It’s my dad. I think my dad should be placed in the hero hall of fame. He is my hero because he works hard, is a family man, and has giving us everything we could ask for. First, my hero is a hard worker and they are hard to find. My dad is a very hard worker.

He has worked his whole life to get where he is now. For many years my dad has been the sole provider for the family. He has built from ground up everything we have, because like many people he came here for the American dream. He is a contractor and builds/remodels houses. He has teach me and my brother that trade as well, maybe not because he wants us to do that for a living, but so we know how to do that in case we need to in the future . We now live very comfortably thanks to him. Second, my hero is likeable and family oriented.

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Family is very important to my dad. He has coached each of his children in sports, like soccer. My hero likes to fix and work on cars, teaching me how to fix them is important. We spend lots of time working together on cars, that’s a very nice experience. Not only do you get to be together, but you learn how to work as a team . He likes to spend his free time on family, even if that’s 5 minutes of his time, he spends it on family. My dad is very fun to be around. Finally my dad is my hero, because he has given us everything we need and want.

My dad always gives us everything we ask for, not caring if it’s expensive or no, everything from the latest video game, to a car. He buys us everything, for example when a video game system came out we would be the first ones to have it. In high school my senior year I drove ten different cars, including a hummer and an escalade. My dad has given us a big nice home, one we could never imagine. He bought and remodeled a house for us to live in. I thank him for giving us that nice place to live and stay in, one that I can show all my friends and feel proud to say I live in it.

Overall, my dad is amazing and I think he should be in the hero hall of fame. He has helped my family and me to succeed at anything we do because he believes and supports us. My dad is a unique person, with many qualities many people would like to have. A hero to people may be in a comic book or in a cartoon show on Saturday Mornings, but my hero is in my house every day. I live with my hero, a hero that may not have any super powers to change the world, but he has shape my world. Most people have their own definition of a hero but my definition of a hero is my dad.


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