American football Essay

Into the world is a concept that represents Journey, change, and going from the old world into a new world. To go from old to new, one must first experience a disruption or a catalyst, and go through a process of obstacles such as parents, culture and the society In order to adjust and fit in the new world.

This adjustment can have either positive or negative consequence on the self and others around. The film bend It Like Beckman (BILL) effectively explores this concept as the audience can easily relate to the characters and with apparent themes that define a person going into the world.Pl ) In the film bend it like Beckman Jess-minder is not comfortable, but dissatisfied with her life because she’s restricted by her parents that want her to be a typical Indian girl compared to her older sister. (UP) In the opening scene of the film it is shown Jess-minder dreaming of her self-playing football with Beckman and as it goes on to the panel of the commentators, her mum is also there and says that Jess- minder should not be playing football but should be at home doing house duties.This shows how her parents are restricting her from fulfilling her dream. Pl) Jess- minder Is also confined by her cultural expectations, which requires her to be a traditional Indian girl that does household tasks; (UP) A Juxtaposition of a costuming theme Is showing her sister and mother wearing cultural dresses, which reflects their adherence to their culture but Jess-minder wearing tract suit. This highlights her dissatisfaction with the cultural expectations that are being forced on her.

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It is these restrictions and expectations that act as a barrier that force Jess-minder not to ruse her dream of playing a professional football; these limitations can be defined as a disruption or a catalyst which drive her to go into a new world and furthermore creating audience engagement and there for it is effective in exploring the concept into the world. (Pl)Jess-minders Journey to the new world was affected by the obstacles she had to face along the way. Her process of going into the new world meant that she had to be defiant against her parents, her culture and the stereotypical society. 2) This is shown effectively In the scene of her family leaving to go church and her In her sleeping robe calming to be sick; but as her parents leave she removes the robe and out she reveals herself dressed In a football gear. The removing of the robe is an apparent symbolism of Jess-minder turning a new leaf in her life because she was being sickened or limited by the robe of parents. Jess- minder is being defiant, evidently draws in the audience making it effective in exploring the concept into the world.

Pl) A montage of Jess-minder and Jules racing football in the set against the scene shot of Jess-minder performing traditional duties; (UP) demonstrates the expectations that act as obstacles to Jess- minder realizing her dream as well as Jules whom is an alliance in her Journey. (Pl) Jess-minder’s defiance and journey to the new world had a clear consequence on herself and others around her. Becoming a professional football player, she achieved her goal and changed her surroundings.To achieve this she had to be assertive and not give up In her pursuit and as a result her two worlds to become one; this Is Leary shown In a long shot of Jess-minder going up tosses In her traditional clothing and (UP) the close-up of her father watching her play football and chanting along with exploring the concept into the world is because it clearly displays the consequence of going into the world, as a result from a disruption or catalyst and the process of obstacles faced, through its filming techniques and they are easily identifiable and the message that it carries is universal, that everybody is dissatisfied with their parent’s intuitions.


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