American Revolution Essay

* Write a well-organized essay that explains how the Americans won the Revolutionary War. Your essay should include at least two paragraphs. Submit the brief essay to your instructor by the due day of the month to have full recognition.

1. When the American Revolution began. it looked like the settlers faced incredible odds. How did a rabble set of voluntaries without adequate nutrient or equipment manage to get the better of the most powerful ground forces and naval forces in the universe? How did each of the following contribute to the success of the American Revolution? * George Washington’s leading abilities

* fiscal aid and military support from other states * the colonists’ spirit and finding


How the American’s won the Revolutionary War. In my sentiment. it was strictly by finding and fortune. If the British had really known where their “feet were planted” so to talk. they likely would’ve won. They merely didn’t know the district and hence. they walked straight into onslaughts that they were non anticipating. The British idea that they had the war won when they stepped pes onto our dirt. But. yet. they didn’t. They didn’t have a hint as to what would go on. They didn’t know of the finding that the settlers had to be free.

George Washington’s leading abilities helped greatly. He did non seek to take it all upon himself. He delegated things to other commanding officers. and that was the right move to do. The fiscal and Military support from France helped quite a batch. If France hadn’t helped them in this war. it would most likely have been lost. Because we did non hold the military support that we needed without them. The finding and spirit of the settlers is the best of all. Because no affair what. they kept contending for what they thought was right. Even if they happened to be incorrect on something. I’m pretty certain they would’ve kept contending. That is what truly kept the war alive and kept us from losing the great state that we call place today. Because the settlers kept forcing through the rough winters and the onslaughts lead on by the British. We merely kept contending.


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