An additional oxidative pressure can lead to the oxidation of lipids and proteins

An additional oxidative pressure can lead to the oxidation of lipids and proteins, which is associated with alterations in their structures and functions. Antioxidant compounds are thus medicinally important to reduce oxidative stress and maintain good health of the individuals. Plants are rich sources of naturally occurring antioxidant ingredients like polyphenols, terpenoids and pro-vitamins, which received much attention as alternative therapeutic agents to fight against oxidative stress induced diseases (Ivanova, et al., 2005; Gulcin, et al., 2013). A stabilized membrane is obligatory to prevent oxidative damage and related inflammatory actions triggered by free radicals. Erythrocyte membrane stability test is a widespread study, which highlights the effect of synthetic and herbal anti-inflammatory mediators on erythrocyte membrane that is exposed to hypotonic solution and heat (Islam et al., 2015). To treat the consequences of oxidation and inflammation, there are innumerable anti-inflammatory mediators or drugs in the marketplace (Scott et al., 1998). As these drugs are legally responsible to intestinal side effects and mucosal erosions, scientists have focused on medicinal plants for finding natural anti-inflammatory drugs with reduced side effects (Richard et al., 2011) and durable antioxidant potential.


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