An advert for the Kellogg’s company, found in a 1930s woman’s magazine Essay

The text that I am analysing is an advert for the Kellogg’s company, found in a 1930s woman’s magazine. The intended audience is women in general and the purpose is to encourage women to give their husbands Kellogg’s to ensure he will be “working happily and well”. The women were to convert this information onto their husbands. The text is broken up into separate chunks; this manipulates the reader so they believe that the text is shorter. This is a good idea because if a reader feels that an advert or article is too long they will be put off and decide against reading ahead.The advert is written to be read by the audience casually, rather than being broadcast via radio or to a group of people.

The register of the text is informal as the author writes in the first person as if he is actually conversing with the reader. For example, the use of “you” throughout the text. The author does not use any esoteric field specific lexis in the text; I believe this is because the intention of the advert is to attract as many consumers as possible so the text should be aimed at everyone instead of a minority. He does however use idioms throughout the text.For example, “He’s on the beam all right” meaning that he is happy and alert.

Idioms are used in the text again to relate with the intended audience. These were the usual day-to-day phrases that they used. There are a variety of grammatical features used to make the text work. When describing the cereal the author writes, “Kellogg’s is best and tastiest” and uses the adjective “delicious” to emphasis the quality of the product. The use of adjectives increases the audiences opinion of the product because they create a better sounding product which would be preferred.The author uses repetition of the word “no” to drill in the advantage of no mess and little effort with Kellogg’s.

The other use of repetition in the text is of the company name, Kellogg’s. This is repeated throughout to sell the product and ensure that everyone becomes familiarised with the name. The passive voice creates a gender revert and makes the subject the victim.

If it was written in the active voice then the object would become the victim, but it was not acceptable in the 1930s for women to overpower men so the passive voice is used to be politically correct.The phonology of the text comes from the ‘voice’ of the text. As I mentioned previously, the writer writes to the reader informally, instead of instructing in a very general and informal way. The first thing that attracts the reader to this advert is the graphology. This plays an important role in the text because it makes the text more interesting if there is a lot of activity, instead of just the article itself.

It also separates the chunks of text and provides explanation to the information given.If the photographs were not included in the text then the article would have to change in some areas. For example, without the use of photographs the strapline would be unable to say “like THIS” because there would be no example of what “this” is.

The use of italics, bold lettering and underlining is used in various parts of the text. Bold lettering is used within the article as the subheadings. This makes them distinguishable and again chunks the sections of the article to manipulate the reader.The writer uses italics for the emphasis of a point. For example, “and get to work on time.

” The italics influence the way that the article is read and creates a stress on the word “and” to give the impression that the product can help them achieve many things. Italics are also used in the captions of the photographs. This is done to create a separate section to read and separates it from the main block of text. The writer has underlined the word “this” in the strapline because he is asking the reader to refer to the photograph.The headline has been printed in a different, exciting font to capture the attention of the reader. The use of an exclamation mark makes the text seem to have importance and encourages the audience to read on. The box in the bottom corner of the text encloses the logo and slogan of the company, this is done to display the name to sell the product.

They have included an hand drawn picture of a man happily eating his breakfast. This imagery will entice the audience to buy the product to fulfil their wishes of being like the man in the picture.There is also a picture of the actual box of cereal to help the woman recognise it easily when shopping. The visual layout of any text is very important to how the text is read and peoples perception of the company or product. The juxtaposition of the photographs shows the contrast between when the man hasn’t eaten Kelloggs and when he has because although apart they are side by side.

The larger picture is so because it is more important to show the smiling face of the man than it is to show him unhappy. This emphasises the effect that the company think this product will have on you.


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