An individual’s need can significantly challenge preconceived assumptions

An individual’s need can significantly challenge preconceived assumptions, thus creating an opportunity for a transformation to occur. In the opening scene of ‘GBTWYCF’, we are introduced to participant, Raye who hold strong antipathetic opinions against those of refugee status. The juxtaposition of Raye’s initial prejudice commentaries shown in careful cross jump shots, “I could have gone over there and shot the lot of them…” and her following sympathetic reactions to refugees in Africa, “It certainly isn’t living…” portrays how throughout the unplanned turn of events, Raye’s perception of refugees has undergone an emotional transformation allowing her to develop empathy and come to understand the circumstances that refugees live in. This allows the audience to perceive the sincere change that has occurred, after experiencing the trauma through Raye’s personal encounter. Mahoney successfully shows how a transformative discovery can challenge preconceived assumptions allowing an individual to refine their assumptions.


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