“An Old Woman” by Arun Kolatkar and “Nothing’s Changed” by Tatamkhulu Afrika Sample Essay

In any state of affairs. I believe that failings and battles define a individual ; where as our strengths help countervail our failings. Which in bend makes us a all-around individual. Our strengths from hitting a place tally to supervising a major history to compassion and forbearance with others. are normally easy to place. Our society commends the strongest and the best. My strongest strengths. which includes stubborness and a hardworker. are offset by my failings. which are my unsympathetic short-temper and a inclination to go easy defeated. My first strength is stubbornness. I am the oldest of four kid’s which I believe has a portion in me being stubborn. It seems the oldest kid has to contend for everything from attending to holding less jobs. Strong willed is defined as an stubborn individual in the psychological science field. I have read about strong willed kids and they create a program so put it into action. Some people might believe obstinacy as failing. However. it is a trait that is truly an advantage for a strong willed person ; they believe in something so strong that they will non endorse down until they make it go on.

Because of my obstinacy I have made it through some tough times that a inactive individual would hold merely fell apart. Which leads me to my 2nd strength of being a difficult worker. Nothing in my life has come easy for me. I have ever had to work hard at anything I set out to make. Plus as a child I had to work for anything I wanted and because of that I believe it made me a better individual. It taught me to appreciate what I earned and do wise picks on how I spent my money. In add-on. being a hardworker made me a better ma because I have stepped up to my mundane undertakings with my kids and have done it to the best of my ability. Areas Of Improvement Next are my failings which I struggle with mundane. One of those failings is my short-temper. It is a trait I came by candidly because my male parent and grandma have a pique. I believe a pique is something that is a erudite behaviour. It takes a batch of will power to command a pique. Although with some adept techniques I have learned to maintain my pique from acquiring out of control. One method I have found to assist is acquiring up and walking into another room by myself to chill off. Then I think about how to near this job that is in a composure and productive mode. Another technique I found utile is to concentrate on being unagitated when I can non take myself from the irratating state of affairs.

A batch of my pique stems from my following failing. Which is being impatient. I want everything done right now and a certain manner. I ever experience my universe is traveling to fall apart if it is non done. For Instance. my house has to be clean. If there are apparels on the floor or dishes in the sink I will take it upon myself to make it than to wait for a household member to make their job. If it is soiled I automatically think about sources which truly do me experience that I have to disinfect it because so I know I have done it my manner which is the right manner in my head. Plans Of Action In Conclusion. to cognize what your failings are gives you an advantage on being able to concentrate on them. Growth and alteration can merely go on when you are cognizant of your failings. However. altering those failings are the difficult portion. You can make a program for anything but seting that program into action is the hard portion. Everybody has strengths and weaknesses ; it is what has shaped and molded us into who we are today. It is how we utilize our strengths to our advantage that will do us the best that we can be. Then in bend will give us the strength to set in our program of action to alter those unwanted qualities.

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