An Unexpected Meeting Essay

I sat there along the streets. I didn’t know where I was. How could I have got here? As poor as a church-mouse I was there in my baggy clothes. And as hungry as a hunter I stood there begging for water and food. The streets were as silent as the grave. I was feeling lonely and lost like a baby. The atmosphere was as clear as crystal with no one in sight. Was I on earth? It seemed as if something apprehensive happened….

I stood up and walked around the unknown place. Was I the only existence there? No houses, no markets, no existence…what could all of this mean! I carried on walking until I could find something. Everything looked dull and it was so boring. It seemed as I was walking around an inescapable prison.

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Then I had made a stop. I was surely correct that no one was around me and no one could help me so I just sat in by bottom starving to death. Just as I closed my eyes, and lied down on the sandy ground, a sudden sound got me frightened and got me alert.

I got up and looked around having the slightest feeling that it was an existing thing. I didn’t see anything really but I remembered that I definitely heard some sort of sound. Seconds after my thinking I heard the sound again. It sounded like a pig but then as I looked around again I saw nothing. It was very quarry because I could hear something but I couldn’t really see what it was. I was starting to get confused. I knew that something was present so I walked around again and that’s when I saw something……

I saw a creature just around the corner of the street. I have never seen some sort of creature throughout my entire life. What was the creature? Was it a pig? It couldn’t have it had some elongated face and tubular snout.

It had a pinkish and yellowish grey skin sparsely covered in coarse hairs which were reddish brown in colour. I didn’t exactly see it from close range since I was scared to go any closer from where I was. I could just about see it feeding on a mammoth sized cucumber. After some time I walked on forward going towards the creature as brave as a lion.

The creature that looked blind looked very sensitive in hearing as it moved away from me as I followed it. Then it made a shocking stop and grunted as if I had disturbed it. Is that actually what I saw? Did I just see an aardvark………


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