Analyse the dramatic effect of the devices Iago uses in Act 3 to convince Othello of his wife’s infidelity and the change in Othello as a result Essay

Othello is a black man in a position of authority. He is ambitious and regarded as successful amongst his fellow men.

However, Othello is also seen to be a lesser person due to his colour and social background. His so called companion Iago is jealous and resentful of Othello employing Cassio as Othello’s right hand man. Iago then plots against Cassio which results in Cassio losing his job.At the opening of the scene, Desdemona promised Cassio she will try to persuade Othello to give him his job back.”For thy solictor shall die than give thy cause away”.

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The audience felt that Desdemona went too far and she is pushing her luck. This shows the audience that Desdemona is determined to let Cassio back and even risk her relationship with Othello.As Cassio leaves,Iago begins to make Othello question Cassio and Desdemona relationship.”Honest, my lord. Honest! Ay honest”.

The audience felt that Iago manipulates Othello because he keeps repeating what he says.Iago deceives Cassio and Emilia. He deceives Cassio when Othello was spying. Iago whispers in Cassio’s ear. Bianka and Cassio laughs but Othello is confused because Iago at that stage had already put negative thoughts in his mind.

So Othello believes Iago that they were talking about his sweet Desdemona. Iago also deceives Emilia by asking her for the handkerchief. After asking her for the handkerchief, he even says to her “Go, leave me”.As Desdemona leaves, Othello says, “When I love thee not chaos is come again.”This means trouble is ahead. The dramatic effect is that the trouble ahead will lead to effecting someone. The audience believe that Othello will be vengeful which will be the terrible side of Othello.

Which will be a horrible and nasty side.Iago gives Othello excuses for not telling him all his thoughts.”My lord, you know I love you”.

The audience will feel discussed by Iago’s lies and will realise that Iago is a two faced brat, a lowlife pathetic useless person and most of all a hypocrite.The theme of jealousy introduced in Iago’s warning was “A Greeneyed Monster”.When Iago suggests that Othello’s wife is not honest. Othello commands proof to believe him.”No, Iago; I’ll see before I doubt; when I doubt, prove.

“The audience will believe that Othello is looking for a problem by asking for proof. And the audience will be disappointed by Othello’s reactions because any man in his place will be grateful that they have a loyal wife.Iago warns Othello of Desdemona’s relationships with two other characters which are Cassio and Branbantio.”She did deceive her father, marrying you”.Iago is suggesting if she deceived her own blood why can’t she deceive you. Her own blood, who raised her which is her dad, basically if she done it once, she is more than capable to do it twice.At the time women were seen as objects in the society and seen as untrustworthy, unloyal, liars and cheap.

At the scene Iago treat’s Emilia badly. He calls her a fool.”To have a foolish wife”.He even calls her a whore.

“A good wench; give it me”.Iago refers his wife to a prostitute which reveals his attitude towards women. He is disrespectful, impolite, contemptuous, has no shame and ungrateful. Even when his own wife did him a favour by giving him a handkerchief, he still showed her total hate.When Iago received the handkerchief the audience suspected this is a chance for Iago to make Othello believe him. When Emilia left, Iago revealed his plan which is this is a proof for Othello to drop in his hand.The purpose of the handkerchief is the evidence to destroy a strong relationship.

Othello compares losing Desdemona to himself.”Her name that was as fresh as Dian’s visage, is now begrimed and black As mine own face”.Othello compares Desdemona’s purity to dirt.

He compares his colour of skin to dirt. Othello reveals he is displeased with the way he looks and he sees himself as dirt. Basically Othello is uncomfortable and ain’t satisfied man.Iago goes on to create an imaginary scene to increase Othello’s jealousy.”In sleep I heard him say “Sweet Desdemona”.”The audience felt that Iago is an unbearable person and cruel person who you can never trust.Iago force Othello to focus on Cassio and Desdemona’s friendship. Iago is trying to make Othello against the both and so that Othello can kill them.

In the closing conversation, Othello makes some definite decisions.”Damn her, lewd minx!O, damn her! Come, go with me apart, I will withdraw, To furnish me with some swift means of death for the fair devil. Now art thou my lieutenant.Othello’s state of mind is he is confused, hurt deep inside, angry, betrayed, jealous disappointed, distress and demanded to kill Desdemona.

His emotion no one can describe. He curses Desdemona but that is not the way he feels.I believe Iago is to blame to all the tragedy because how can someone hate in the way he hates anyone? How can you be able to sleep after destroying the love of two which was to last? How can you be a human being enjoying someone’s death?Othello is portrayed as a “tragic hero”.Othello was told a pack of lies. He killed his beautiful Desdemona for nothing because he intended to believe Iago instead of his loyal wife.

Othello realises what a massive mistake he has made and regrets each minute that he had spent believing lies. And the only way he can forgive himself is to be there with her. Othello is a hero because he killed himself. He is strong and a brave hero.


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