Analyse of myself Essay

I am fifteen, at my age my roles at home are daughter, this means I have to honour my mum and dad also help out around the house, I am a sister so I have to take care of my sister n also be there when she needs me, I am a granddaughter so I have to look after mum grandparents when they need me to. But I don’t really always live up to these responsibilities although I should At least try.

I am also recently a cat owner if it counts this does involve a awful lot of responsibility which I do live up to I feed him and play with him with his toys, he is just a thirteen week old kitten so he is very dependent on me.At School I am a student the norm is that it is expected that I sit and do my work, participate when required and it is my responsibility to do my homework which I do, do which is more than I can say for what I do at home. Also I am a friend in this roll I play I have to always support my friends because I know that is I do this my friends will support and respect me back. I have a part time job so my responsibly is quite large and I will need to live up to them so as I don’t get fired.White British is my race I was born in England so were both of my parents and also my grand parents but however my one of my grandparents parents were Irish although I think my ancestors were German that’s where I guess my last name baulk originates from, I was born in Gravesend and have lived in Greenhithe Kent all of my life so far.I am female so I know it is a bit of a stereotype but I tend to do more girly things like shopping and love animals in stead off liking football and cars.

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I value the well being of my family. I also value my education it is important if I want a good well-paid job when I am a little bit older. I like a wide range of garners of music.

I have my own taste of clothes I like to wear jeans, denim shorts and skirts, but I love to dress up in nice clothes and go to parties and to restaurants.I am middle class as my dad has a skilled job an also we own our own flat with a mortgage. But however I feel most of the people I mix with, my friends I think they are of a higher class than I am because my dad is very conscious about money it is usually only spent on things we really really need like food and clothes if necessary, but my friends go out for dinner more and get spoiled on with fine clothes and electrical appliances.


I'm Sarah!

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